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A Drifting and Vast Single from Portal Gun

A new single release from Portal Gun delivers a vast soundscape that comes through as an almost classic jammy feel at times but also delivers this cinematic sort of experience that has the ability to wrap around you and keep you right where it wants to with layers of beautifully performed textures and sounds that come together to create an atmosphere.

"Virtual Reality" certainly has a colorful approach and the instruments used to deliver a sort of lush sound that really feels good to listen to, but it also comes with vocals that are almost used like an instrument to add a main melody atop the music and it works like a charm.

One of the things I love most about this track is the ambiance that it delivers in its underbelly because some of the instruments in the tone of everything have a bit of reverb on it giving it this deeper feel and this adds to that atmosphere I mentioned earlier.

There is a little bit of a surprise around the middle of the track where things pick up the pace and I love that change because it feels like this track was recorded live on the floor and all the players are involved we're just feeding off of each other's energies the entire time but that change and the whole vibe of the song itself in actuality makes it feel like it's alive and breathing and that is something I find unique.

The keys and pads used across this track are damn near perfect and really push that envelope to let this track become more of an escape and an experience than just a single.

The biggest thing with this single that it has character, and this is part of why you get attached to the track in the first place but once you're in it you are just sort of sucked in and at that point you just let the music float around in the air that surrounds you so you can swim through it all.

That is the kind of flow that this song has naturally and listening to it on record captures so much of this aesthetic so well, then it makes you want to see these guys pull it off live.

One of the things that I have to bring up here that not a lot of other reviewers would most likely talk about is the mix.

With a track like this the mix has to be perfect to gain that feel that they're going for and this was done extremely well with an incredibly perfected dynamic balance that just feels natural as well and you're able to pick up on all the notes floating around in the songs ether along with the main vocals and all the words being sung so you can just soak in everything the way it was meant to be because the mix was spot on.

Again, these guys are creating an atmosphere with this song, and for you to be able to float alongside it that mix has to work, and these guys pulled all the elements off in terms of the performance, the instrumentation, and the mix itself.

This track was an amazing combination of a dream pop with elements of vintage sounds, and a very Indie vibe that brings persona and color to the table.

And they do all this with a charm as well.

I suggest listening to this truck with headphones on so you can really soak it in the way it was meant to be and this way you're not missing out on any of the many layers of sounds and tones that come in and out throughout the course of the song.

Very well woven single from Portal Gun.

Remember where you heard it first.

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