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A Classic Pop EP From Julia Kwamya

A crisp and colorful EP release from Julia Kwamya hits that nostalgic retro-synth pop tonality with a nearly perfect and genuine aesthetic and it comes through with a vibrancy and warmth that just feels incredibly good.

The Feel Good About Feeling Bad EP is packed with a wonderous palette of synths, keys, bopping basslines, super danceable percussion and rhythms, and smooth catchy vocals that just deliver and overflow of hooks left and right.

Kwamya is an absolute master of her craft, and you have to really pay close attention to detail to get this sound just right. She does this without a second thought, and it flows with a natural feel.

This release is like a love letter to the music she grew up with in a way. It is completely authentic and has a wonderful way of blending textures and soundscapes together to create these welcoming atmospheres.

There are some pleasant surprises, radio friendly gems (almost all of them are really), and I'm not sure I've gotten an old school Madonna vibe from anything I've heard since well.... Madonna.

So, this was insanely refreshing and ultra-fun to jam out to.

And you can tell Kwamya is having a blast doing this as well and that she does actually have a true love for her craft and performing, writing, the whole nine.

This record captures the feeling of waiting to jump in the pool at your uncle's house as a kid. The sun is out, you're 7 maybe 8 years old and its summertime. The smell of burgers and dogs cooking on the BBQ and you know you'll be out running through the streets until those streetlights come on and you have to get back.

A nostalgic romp filled with that free feeling you have been missing since you were in your youth.

This was an excellent retro-pop record that nails it more than most.

So enjoy it.

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