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Hello London Delivers A Genuine Pop-Rock Album

The latest album release from Hello London brings out a robust and catchy set of pop-rock songs that walk a wonderfully perfected balance between Indy and even alternative rock undertones but always get delivered with a heart that drives the songs.

The Past Futures album is packed with a welcoming but refreshing brightness that's laced with honesty and combines this great youthful energy with maturity and songwriting making for something that's very memorable.

One of the best things about this record for me, is that it gives little hints towards radio rock of the '90s and the more you listen to the album the more you can hear the singles sticking out of it and how those feel like you've been listening to them on the radio for a few decades now.

Current songs come through with a little bit more edginess and others come through with a little bit more color, but they all have a great soul to them, and you can tell there was a lot of attention to detail when putting this all together.

The other thing that's really cool about this is that pretty much all of it is helmed and performed by one man who did an outstanding job of being able to build songs on his own and make them feel like a live performance because of the energy on the record itself.

And this is a really cool aspect of the album itself as well. It has the feel of live players feeding off of each other's energies the entire time and that in itself gives it a little bit more life.

You also get a good feel for personality and character that is brought to the table with these songs as well because of that honesty in those lyrics as well as a lot of the performances.

There's also a really strong sort of classic rock influence that comes in and out and that is something that helps sway the songs in different directions at times.

Personally, I like certain tracks that really feel emotionally driven and cinematic like "Lucid" for example.

However, the songs that rock out more are also really well-built and very impactful in a different way.

the record honestly has a lot to offer and spans a wide variety of what I would call sub-genres I suppose within an eight-song spectrum.

The production on the record is also spot on because it combines little hints of lo-fi with this very well-polished record giving it that personality mentioned earlier.

The other cool thing is that a lot of these songs do have certain melodies and hooks that sort of bounce around in your brain for hours after the song is ended which in my opinion is smart songwriting because the only way to satiate that is to play it again.

Definitely give this record a spin when you get a chance, and I would suggest maybe doing this one with headphones on because this way you can soak in the record from beginning to end.

There are singles that stand on their own two feet of course but this was sort of meant to be listened to as a whole in my opinion.

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