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Hellaphant Hits It Hard With The Crumble And Rise LP

Nothing quite gives off the holiday spirit like fresh, hard-hitting thrash rock and if you're not too familiar with the sounds of Hellephant, then let us give you the low-down because the band released a crazy album called Crumble And Rise which lets the band define what they are best at which is making high octane, super catchy but not without grit alternate rock and punk that makes you want to sing along at the top of your lungs.

The LP is packed with attitude in the form of memorable choruses and shredding guitar parts, and it all keeps to a staple aesthetic and vigor that packs a punch and leaves you humming lines in your head for hours after the songs have ended.

A lot of this is punk rock at its fins and done with a great balance of that grit and attitude, but also with a pop undertone that doesn't take away from anything but instead gives the songs more power and it's all good fun in the end.

I mean, with a name like Hellaphant, it's gonna be fun.

The riffs are excellent throughout the record and there are certainly a few surprises around some of the corners here but it's such a solid effort from start to finish.

Singles stick out of course; however, I suggest going through this album from start to finish as there is some honesty and realness behind some of these songs and we all miss the full album appeal anyway.

Almost all of these songs could actually be singles so you can pretend it's just a badass playlist all from the same band.

This was an insanely likable record, and we are giving it a solid 8 out of 10 easy.

Turn this album up and spend some time with Hellaphant during these next days off from work.

Tis the Season.

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