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Ghost Prom Drops Vast Album

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

A new album release from Ghost Prom brings out a wonderful blending of textures in genres that takes an almost 90s underground alternative and grunge style approach and blends it in with a refreshing and personal folk and singer-songwriter style so with these genres mend it together everything comes through with a lot of personality and the songs have the feeling of being alive and breathing.

The Void Sweet Void album definitely delivers some one-on-one and personal songwriting styles and some of these tracks come through very vast and cinematically giving you a certain kind of atmosphere that you can step right into and really just soak in.

This whole album was beautifully done, and everything was performed with a certain level of heart and character that enables everything to wrap itself around you.

It's easy to get washed away with the soundscape of this record and there are some surprises around the corners, but I think the thing that really pushes this forward so well is that it gives you the feeling that the record has already served as the soundtrack of one of the chapters in your own life.

It's not exactly nostalgic but it also is in a strange way.

I think the songs are very relatable and that personal touch goes a long way in terms of the listener being able to really connect with them.

Throughout the record, you do have that singer-songwriter aspect but it's really a lot more grunge and alternative than you'd think because there's a lot of bendy and fuzz tone guitar soundscapes coming from some of these tracks and that's a big part of what gives it that 90s underground feeling.

You even get country songs on this record.

It's a really good time to just put on some headphones and kick back while listening to this record because then you could really just float through the songs and let that atmosphere surround you properly.

This is a great little escape and for the most part it felt great to listen to and I personally found myself having memories of my own pop into my head throughout some of these tracks.

I think we need a lot more music like this.

Records that feel like they're a part of you in a way and you can hold on to that feeling even after the record's over.

Songs that make you think and that make you feel are very important and ghost prom pulls this off without a hitch and more so, does it with a certain charm.

A beautifully woven record from Ghost Prom is waiting for you and I would suggest that you listen to the album from beginning to end so you can really soak it in properly because that's how it was meant to be listened to.

Remember where you heard it first.

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