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A Fresh Album From Freddie Losambe

A brand-new release from Freddie Losambe delivers a lush and full-bodied hip-hop approach that blends classic, old-school styles with refreshing ones to create an atmosphere that's all his own along with the delivery that boasts so much character that you just can't look away.

The Leaves Still Dance album is any eclectic full album release that gives you a massive amount of material to go through and as you do you dig deeper into the persona of Freddie as an artist and as a person as well because he gets detailed with his lyrics, and they come through so descriptive that you can picture certain things vividly in your head as he's saying them.

The lyrical phrasing is one of my favorite aspects about this entire record because the way he puts the words together and bounces them off of each other is ultra-creative and when you listen to it you sort of get pulled into that element of it as well as others.

The whole thing also has that classic undertone bringing an almost late 90s or early 2000's underground hip-hop vibe to the table and that's something that I grew up with in part so listening to a brought up a little bit of nostalgia for me as he brings together elements of artists like Atmosphere and Slick Rick even at times.

Again, this is a really big record with over 16 songs and my suggestion, although there are a lot of singles that stand on their own two feet, is to listen to this album from beginning to end because that's the way to soak in this entire thing properly.

I know what you're thinking, who's got time to listen to a 16-track record?

You do. We all have plenty of time to listen to full records while we're working, while we're driving in the car, taking a walk with some headphones, all of that.

This is an album that's meant to be listened to as a whole if you ask me and, in a way, it's almost a concept record if you really listen to it because the songs have strange ways of interconnecting with each other here and there.

There are a lot of surprises around the corners and layers to be peeled back throughout the course of this record and never gets boring even for a minute holding true to that old-school style but unique approach.

I think the biggest thing about this release is his actual character and Persona on the record because he goes places that show his personality a lot and I think that's really showcasing his presence as an artist properly.

It's great to hear a hip-hop artist and rapper, let loose a little bit and at times not take himself so seriously the entire time.

This was a really fun record that came through with a massive element of escapism so that you can step out of your reality and into his for a while and this feels good to do.

I think we need more music that does this honestly.

Check this out right now and remember where you heard it first.

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