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Flora Algera Releases “IDOLS”

Flora Algera is a brand-new artist who creates music in the soft-rock, emo/alternative and folksy singer/songwriter vein. She first picked up the guitar while in a rehabilitation facility and she said it saved her life. In the past she was also a competitive opera singer and having reached much success in her music career, found herself working with such professionals like composer John Williams. But at the same time, Algera decided she wanted to write music under her own terms. She released her first single “Anthem For the Psyche Ward Kids” and an upcoming EP I’m Not Scared Enough. A full-length album is also in the works. In the meantime, she’s releasing her latest single “IDOLS” that’s a folksy, acoustic track brimming with emotion.

Algera sings with feeling on the track and her vocals are front and center. Though the instrumentals in the background are loose and fitting, I feel like at the focal point are her vocals which unleash tons of powerful emotions. Her music reminded me of Jewel and artists like Lisa Loeb and there was definitely this singer/songwriter coffee shop vibe that I think fits into that whole scene.

You can tell that Algera has gone through pain-staking detail to get the rawness of her emotions across as this single is filled with flavors and nuances.

A folksy/emo-driven track that will touch you heart and soul, be sure you give this a spin today!

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