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A Vivacious and Colorful Release from baine! and yo5hi

I understand a new release from baine! Brings a colorful and cultured approach to wrapping by bringing together an electronic and even chiptune undertone together with that hip-hop vibe but it all encompasses this sort of outside-the-box and very unique and youthful style that comes with a thick and lush character that you end up getting attached to.

The legacy album is a genre-bending piece of work that consists of 10 tracks each different than the last but all having this confluent sort of glue that holds it together but as you listen through the record you begin to expect the unexpected.

You have all kinds of sense and electronic beats that come together throughout the songs and even vintage pop tones and synth sounds that shine through giving the songs these different feels all the while the rapping in the vocals has a unique approach as well.

This is the sort of record where you need to listen to the entire album to really get a grasp of the full spectrum for what it has to offer because there are a lot of different layers that you can sort of Peel back throughout this record and there's also certain levels of honesty in the vocals and the lyrics as well so there's any eclectic and avant-garde approach and style musically but vocally everything has a forward moving flow.

Certain tracks use samples for video games, while others use these bright and neon-lit keys and ambient undertones that make certain things feel more dream pop even.

It is very freeing to listen to this record because this is an example of an artist who is collaborating with other people to build a record that has fewer boundaries than you are used to, and I think that this is what art is really all about and what the future of music is leaning towards as well.

When you listen to this record you are pulled away from your surroundings and you are taken to a different place altogether, so it makes for a great escape if you ask me.

The record takes elements of a multitude of electronic-based subgenres and layers these wraps over them in such a vivid persona and character that you end up wanting more and more the further you listen into the record.

This is what makes it so much fun.

Now, having said all that you can tell there was plenty of attention to detail during the creation of this record because of the way the vocals were tracked especially.

You can tell that everything is precise although it has that character to it, it's performed with a tightness and a certain kind of exactness that tells you this is someone who has a a bit of precision with what they do.

I certainly feel like this record was quite a brilliant piece of work simply because there's so much heart in it and they're so few walls built around it.

Those are two things that you don't hear often enough in any kind of music so to hear it all rolled up to one record is pretty amazing.

This was intense in certain places but mellow and almost cinematic and others.

There's also this crazy balance in the mixes as well so you have certain tracks that feel slightly low-fi while other ones feel super produced and there are a lot of features throughout the record but it's mainly baine! along with yo5hy.

These two are the ones who came together and built this killer album and if you pay attention, there are a lot of video game and other references that are least throughout this release so that whole culture is embedded in the album.

This is another reason that it's kind of special and different.

If you're a gamer, if you consider yourself a nerd, if you are cultured in or wrapped up in these kinds of worlds then this record is going to be 100% for you because I love chiptune and video games, and this was a very satiating record for me to listen to.

Check this album out in full, don't just listen to one or two tracks, and do it with headphones on because it's one of the best ways to listen.

Remember where you heard it first.

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