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Bart Moore releases Wild Flora

Bart Moore's upcoming third album, "Wild Flora," presents a deep dive into his varied passions, spanning baseball, trains, dreams, and distant stars. Recorded at Corey DeRushia's Troubadour Recording Studio in Lansing, Michigan, over several months, the album showcases Moore's commitment to pushing the boundaries of his chosen genre. 

Opening with "Molly Boom," Moore introduces a folk-infused narrative exploring conflict and betrayal, drawing inspiration from the complex inner world of Molly Bloom. 

"Heavenly Dazy" ventures into Latin rhythms and instrumentation, revealing Moore's versatility as a musician and composer. Lush guitar work and intricate percussion create a vivid sonic landscape that transports listeners to distant realms. 

"Comanche Land" delves into America's history with deep bass and evocative themes, inviting listeners to journey through the wild west.

 "Tuesday Afternoon At Wrigley Field" offers a lighter, playful affair, capturing the joy of a day at the ballpark. "The Railyard Ghosts" channels the spirit of bluegrass with infectious energy and vocal harmonies. "October" unfolds with warmth and silkiness, featuring beautiful orchestral elements and a unique structure that keeps listeners engaged. 

Moore's subtle irreverent wit shines on "God Is Just Plain Is Lazy," injecting humor into the album's narrative. "La Paloma" charms with harmonica flourishes and stellar lead guitar work, while "Mattie's Song (Walking On Time)" serves as a rousing closer, inviting listeners to join in a saloon-style singalong. 

With "Wild Flora," Bart Moore showcases his prowess as a storyteller and musician. Weaving together a rich tapestry of sound and narrative, the album offers an immersive experience that resonates long after the final notes fade away.

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