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Fleshtronic Brings Us A Synth Driven EP Release

A brand new EP release from Fleshtronic brings out a refreshing and edgy alternative pop soundscape that leans towards Industrial at times but does so with an ambient undertone and an outstanding use of sense in guitars to give everything an almost gothic feel.

The Time EP serves as a lush array of textures that feed into each other creating an atmosphere around you that you can literally swim through and find yourself engulfed in.

The record definitely has a lot of attention to detail but also has a very particular delivery especially vocally that gives it a soul and all together the songs have this living breathing aspect to them.

These are definitely cinematic and vast with such a cool tonality that you're able to get washed away by and when it's over you sort of have to snap yourself back into reality again.

I think that's one of the coolest things about this record. Just the sheer fact that it's such an escape from your world into theirs and it lets you forget about everything for a little while.

I think releases like this are meant to do those kinds of things.

Now the songs have some great pop feels as well especially in the synth-pop realm and they do come through danceable and with a colorful side to them as well and you get those kinds of songs in between the more vast and dark ones.

The balance between those two aspects is really an important part of this release because these guys are showing different sides of their songwriting and they aren't afraid to create music with fewer boundaries which is incredibly important.

I think more bands should follow suit in terms of being able to build songs that aren't just following a formula.

Being able to break down walls in your songwriting while still being catchy and danceable is really a refreshing feeling and on top of that if you grew up in a certain time period then this record would definitely have a certain nostalgic aspect to it for you.

It's the dark wave and the new wave mixed together and it comes through with a post-punk undertone that you come to quickly love.

This release feels like it's a love letter to the bands and artists that actually influenced it and I think that's because there's so much heart involved with the creation of it to the point that like I said, you're just swallowed up until this different atmosphere throughout the record.

The use of keys and sense along with the bellowing vocals that have so much of that particular swagger and attitude is something really special.

The vocals and the music together bring character to the band into the songs themselves which is also something you don't get that much these days.

Those spacey synth pads that fill that space in these songs is a key element to making them work and creating that forward moving flow and the drumming and beats are what give them that drive but it takes every element of these songs together to make them really work.

This was an outstanding EP release that's fuller and satiating than many I've heard lately.

Check this out as soon as you can.

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