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Cyanate Brings The Heavy with "Echo Chamber"

A new single release from Cyanate brings out a deep and grooming metal soundscape that hits like a sucker punch to the gut and leaves its mark with a blend of death metal black metal melodic heaviness, and even hardcore all rolled into a fierce and fiery track that has layers to be peeled back and offers more than meets the ears.

"Echo Chamber" comes in swinging with pounding guitar riffs and tonality along with destructive drumming and some deep grueling screams throughout the course of its playthrough.

The track is packed with great breakdowns and some outstanding guitar work that gives off melodic hooks and earth-shaking feels.

The track boasts a sound that's most worthy, and you'll find yourself head-banging in your car throughout almost the entire song.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this track is this vast and melodic breakdown that happens a little past halfway through the track which gives off this wild and almost cinematic metal approach.

This is obviously created with a lot of heart and what people don't understand about metal if they don't listen to it that much, is that the musicianship is outstanding, and this is one of the bands and one of the songs that showcases exactly that.

Is it aggressive? Hell yes, it's aggressive, but that's an emotion and good songs are built off emotion.

This track tears it up from beginning to end and gives you surprises around some of the corners which is always refreshing.

It also gets your blood pumping which is what you want from good metal music. Surprising and killer riffs, heavy guitar drudgery and more than a few memorable sections that all make you sit in your car and point to the speaker when things come up.

Brutal indeed but in the best possible ways, this song has a heavy-handed impact, and you can tell these guys draw influence from some of the classics, but they put their own little spin on it which is also important and quite awesome.

If you're in the metal scene, I would keep an eye out for these guys because I feel like there are going to be some more really kick-ass tracks from them in the near future, or at least I hope so.

While you're at it I will check out their self-titled double single release from last year.

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