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CLOCKS Delivers A Summer Pop Hit

A new release from CLOCKS brings out a fresh and colorful pop soiree that hints towards a summer sunset with neon-lit synth soundscapes and a driving backbone that all comes together in a subtle way to create an atmosphere you want to both sing along with and dance to.

"October Love" is an endlessly fun pop banger that comes through with a youthful energy and a poignant character both musically and vocally which are wrapped up in a beautifully polished package that feels like it brings together elements of vintage and new school pop approaches.

This track is seriously hard not to dance to because that beat really gets you moving in your seat and that persona this track puts forth is an addictive one.

You can absolutely tell that these guys had a blast putting this together because that comes through in the recording itself and their love for the craft is more than evident from beginning to end.

The song feels good to listen to and the louder you listen, the better it gets.

The track also showcases this wonderful Youth and songwriting that delivers pop songs that feel welcoming and still bring something refreshing to the table at the same time.

This combination is something I think the future of music will hold because being able to blend attitudes, sounds, and genres even, is the ability to create music with fewer boundaries then your predecessors.

There's a heavy-handed dance pop undertone that lurks just beneath the surface of the song but it's also part of what drives it forward and makes it feel so good.

It actually does feel like this warm, summer sunset with a vibrant tonality that makes you want to put your hands in the air and sing along.

The synth sounds are part of what gives it a little bit of that vintage undertone at times because it does hold true to an almost 80s synth-wave style but with all these other elements on top.

There are some great hooks on this track and there's something about it that also delivers a sort of cinematic feel like you can hear this as a closing track to a film.

There are also really cool sections that break down the beat to a half-time feel and it lets the song feel alive and breathing as you are able to get washed away with the soundscape of everything.

It also has a little bit of a fantastical element to it which also touches on that nostalgic feeling or at least it did for me.

This was a very well-woven piece of music that was done with plenty of heart and a well-rounded and infectious style.

Dive into this one when you can and please, turn it up!

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