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Christian Vels Teams Up With Elle Vee For A New Single

A new single from Christian Vels and Elle Vee hits a wonderfully colorful and almost classic dance-pop vibe that combines elements of a unique and driving edginess with heavy-handed grooves and loads of character.

"Beautiful" comes through with a certain warmth to it and grows in different directions but as it does it builds an intensity, and the production and arrangement builds right along with it.

This track was very well built and there was a lot of attention to detail during the creation of it, but it never loses that actual sort of heart that it comes from in the first place.

The sense and keys used throughout the track back in that classic 90s and early 2000s dance tonality and blend into a more current feel along with a few surprises around the corners.

I definitely feel like this track had a handful of influences embedded in its purpose and creation and with those influences, we get something that feels almost nostalgic in certain places but also refreshing in others.

This was a killer track that came through with a particular persona and an energy that you can't really turn away from.

The vocals across the track gave so much heft to the song because are both alluring and soulful with all kinds of cool harmonies that bounce around throughout the track's playthrough and this is part of what gives the song that character I was talking about earlier.

I really feel like between Christian and Elle, the two found a perfect match for each other in terms of the vision for the song.

This is the kind of track that you kind of wonder in the back of your head how it went in terms of making it happen.

It's possible Christian had the track already built and ready for vocals, sent it to Elle, and she just did her thing on her own.

It's also possible that he had a bit more direction in what he wanted from her vocally.

Either way, this track is a great culmination between the two and it showcases their ability to create something that has certain familiarities to it but also reaches into a new atmosphere and in doing so makes something that's addictive and insanely danceable.

As a matter of fact, I dare you to pop this song in the car and try not to start shaking your butt in your seat.

You will fail because this track has all the key elements of a really good dance-pop song that spans a few decades across, and it hits all these wonderful, sweet spots that it needs to.

I think that's really important as well. This track nails the aesthetic the way you can tell both artists wanted to and I'm sure they're both happy with the outcome.

Everything from the energy to the production comes together and lets you jump into their world for a few minutes, and it feels really good to do so.

So, get your dancing shoes on and move the couch back so you can get down and have some fun with this single.

Dance around the living room like there's no tomorrow because the single is a surefire banger.

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