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Blitz Union Releases "Freak Anthem"

A brand-new release from Blitz Union gives off a driving and inspirational alternative pop banger that serves as the voice of a group and generation complete with electric energy and a fists in the air, chant-along chorus that gets your blood pumping.

"Freak Anthem" comes through as impactful and Powerful with a perfect balance of edginess and color while delivering a ton of character and memorable hooks.

This single is a wonderful crossover between something fresh and new and a classic and almost nostalgic undertone as some of these hooks incorporate since and guitars but do so in a way that comes through as an almost dance Industrial style with a hard-hitting four-on-the-floor beat and a heavy pop undertone.

This song really does have the ability to grab at you and get your attention really quickly and once it does you become attached to it, but this is indeed an anthem for the freaks and it's a calling out in a way.

People see others dressed in certain ways or decorated, tattooed, or pierced and they automatically make assumptions about that person's character and this song has a lot to do with how those assumptions are mostly incorrect and just basically how we shouldn't be judging others by simply how they dress or what they look like.

In a way this is graceful, and it definitely has a ton of heart and all of this also shows with the music video that accompanies the single.

I won't give away too much about what you're seeing in the video but when you watch it you will definitely understand the concept of the song even more and also get a good grasp of the presence of this band and how gleefully in your face they are.

This song and band are a perfect example of a youth in songwriters and artists that are doing things with fewer boundaries than their predecessors.

In doing so, they're really making art that speaks louder and for our time which I think is incredibly important in music.

We should all be appreciative and supportive of a band that's not afraid to make big statements and do it in a way that is very catchy and radio-friendly to boot.

The people that do get this song right off the bat will fall in love with it and they damn well should because it's done nearly perfectly.

We took the liberty of including the music video here so you can check out the song the way you should for the first time.

Props to Blitz Union for being the voice for a whole lot of people.

Play this one loud and proud.

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