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Bite The Boxer Gives Us A Massive and Lush Dream-pop EP

Bite The Boxer has released a lush and gorgeously textured EP that gives off a lush dream-pop feel and incorporates a number of outside the box writing styles.

The A Stream Becomes a River EP is bountiful and riddled with beautiful melodies with layered keys and synths, vocals that feel both haunting and angelic at times, and chilled out beats that blend everything in to a warm and edgy atmosphere.

The record is a bit of a musical journey and crosses some boundaries gerne wise within its 4-song course but never strays from that swelling and drifting sound that keeps you afloat with the songs from start to finish.

The EP is powerful and can quickly engulf you with its palette of tones and massive soundscapes.

When it's all over, you almost have to shake it off just to come back to reality. Which is quite impressive.

Songs use some killer hooks musically and each one creates its own atmosphere that overtakes you and has a way of sticking alongside your inner self for the hours after its ended.

This stuff was colorful, full and very addicting.

It's like a free fall into the depths of dream-synth pop and it all feels amazing.

So, take that free fall with Bite the Boxer and float just above ground with the sounds. You won't be disappointed.

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