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Biscuit Shrine releases Between The Real

Ryder Lush, known as Biscuit Shrine, despite being just sixteen, demonstrates an impressive knack for crafting intricate music on his album Between The Real. This instrumental venture delves deep into the realms of post-rock and ambient music, featuring a collection of six songs that commences with the mesmerizing opener, "Lisp."

"Lisp" serves as a testament to the album's atmospheric allure, ensnaring listeners in a hypnotic soundscape characterized by a comforting warmth. The interwoven elements seamlessly blend together, with guitars drenched in reverb and delay, elegantly sliding and intertwining throughout the composition. Subtle transitions blur the boundaries between ambient and post-rock, adding depth to the sonic narrative. As the album unfolds, "Denmark" emerges, sharing a similar undercurrent of warmth as "Lisp" but embracing explosive climaxes that sweep through the track's whirling midsection. It stands as an epic display of musical prowess.

"Shadows Hide In Empty Space" captivates with its exquisite beauty, employing a steady kick drum as a foundation for the transient sounds that ebb and flow throughout the piece. The swells and drones woven into the song offer a compelling auditory journey. "Map The Days" exudes a vibrant mid-level energy, contrasting with the more ambient, shimmering guitars in "Wasted." Culminating the journey is "Discontinuum," an epic finale that stands out as the album's pinnacle, drawing the listener into a captivating crescendo.

What truly sets this album apart is its seamless cohesion, inviting a full, immersive listen from start to finish. Each track acts as a piece in a larger, cohesive narrative, taking the listener on an engaging sonic voyage. Biscuit Shrine's Between The Real is an experience that demands to be embraced in its entirety, a testament to the young artist's promising musical vision.

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