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Billy Lowry Gives Us A Wild New Single

A brand-new single release from Billy Lowry comes through as a loose and wild rock banger that features a lot of character and homes in on this cross between in almost live rockabilly sound at times, with a more intricate indie rock that has the ability to feel thrashy when it wants to.

The Nightmares single is really packed with these awesome guitar parts that are played with Augusto that makes them hard-hitting but also with a really almost precise intricacy that keeps them in the place where they are so it's this great combination of outlandish and wild, with almost mathy and perfected in terms of the guitar work.

What's most attaching about this song is the level of energy that just comes shooting out at you right from the get-go and how it really doesn't end at all throughout the song's course.

This is something that has a way of sort of wrapping itself around you, so it's brilliantly done and gives you the sense that this character is right there in your face which is very engaging.

That energy is something that really isn't always an easy thing to capture on record but for Billy, it's just natural, I think. Or at least it feels that way.

The single comes with all kinds of cool sections, a fun sort of bridge/breakdown and a lot of surprises around the corners but what's really cool is this music video that accompanies the song which gives you even more of a feel for the underlying haunt that the song delivers.

This track gives as much edginess as it does color and fulfills a lot of wild rock needs that you might have so you come out of it feeling somewhat satiated in a way.

The whole thing is done with a lot of this attention to the background details, but it just has so much Persona to it that it's almost like you're listening to a campfire tall tale and you're just there for the whole thing.

This was quite brilliantly done, and it really makes you want to see this live in person so you can get yourself even more wrapped up in that unique energy.

This was a killer single that really does a good job of showcasing an artist that has a vision and delivers that vision as close to it was in his head.

I look forward to more from Billy especially because there is an extra level of creativity with this track and that creativity is infectious.

We definitely want to hear more from him soon so Billy, bring it on.

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Upwood Avenue
Upwood Avenue
Oct 18, 2023

Billy Lowry is fantastic! Every song is better than the one before. Great review Buzzslayers. I love that you review Indie Artists!

Billy Lowry
Billy Lowry
Oct 18, 2023
Replying to

This was such an awesome surprise to see this review! & thanks for the shout-out from Upwood Ave. & Ed Corrado, love me some ‘’Thunder”!⚡️🌩️

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