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An Interview With The Safety Word

A new release from The Safety Word comes across as a vast and almost cinematic feeling indie pop soundscape but as it plays on it somehow swells and sways as it builds a certain atmosphere and this enables you to sort of swim through it at free will which feels amazing.

"Colour of Water" features some inventive synths and key sounds along with these floaty and dreamy vocals that complement each other texture-wise very well and together are able to wrap themselves around you.

This song is incredibly graceful and you can tell that these guys really love creating a different world for you to step into so that you can forget about your own reality for a little bit which is something that doesn't come along often so when it does it's very refreshing.

One of the things I love about this song is that it is electronic based but it also has these natural layers to it and the song has an arrangement that lets it feel like it's alive and breathing because it's got an actual sort of introduction and beginning that swells up to the meat of the song and then by the end it lets that breath out so you have this closure.

This would go so well in the scene of a film just because it's got that atmospheric tonality that really creates visuals in your head.

The whole thing was very dynamically balanced and never over the top but it does have this sense of authenticity to it and the way all the instrumentation comes together makes things very beautiful.

Everything in this track is portrayed and presented in such a unique manner that you find yourself sort of engulfed in it after a short while and this is something that actually feels good and brings me back to the whole escapism aspect of it.

We need songs like this that can make you think and feel things or that make certain memories of your own pop into your head as you're listening to them.

It reminds you of what music is for sometimes.

The thing that gets me about this track is this endless vastness and that's something that lets you feel like you're floating face up in the ocean staring at the night sky thinking about your past.

It's clear these guys have a real love for the craft of songwriting and recording because there's a lot of heart in the song but there's also attention to detail to make sure that the feel and the whole vibe of it really comes across properly.

With tracks like this those things come into play and the artists have to think about how the end result is going to be as they're doing it.

These are the kind of things that blow my mind about songs like this one.

Just the sheer fact of how this was a sort of vision in someone's head before it was created, mixed, tracked, engineered, and everything else that goes along with making a real song.

Wondering about how it's going to turn out in the end or how to achieve that floating and dreamy soundscape that you're looking for.

Maybe finding the right synth sounds or beats. Making sure you have the right tones to those keys or guitars.

And then, the vocals are so smooth and flowing that they are almost like an instrument as part of the whole orchestrated piece of work.

There's a lot to love about this song and with its release we wanted to have a sit-down with The Safety Word to find out where this track actually came from and also what may be coming up next for them.

Here's what happened.

Buzz Slayers: Welcome back! I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to discuss "Colour of Water" first; it felt vast and even cinematic at times. Could you share the inspiration behind it? 


John :  

The song originated from personal experiences, moments of pure emotion, and a desire to express pain, true love, and the essence of just being. Simon had a beat for a lo-fi album we were working on, and I took it, played a melody over it, and produced the song organically. It came naturally at the right moment, amplifying a state of being. It's possibly the most melancholic song we've created, and I'm contemplating if now is the right time to release it. 

Simon :  

Certainly, it was one of those enchanting moments when I was casually sharing some ideas with John that I had been tinkering with. Typically, these concepts start off as basic beats accompanied by a bass line and some chords. As I played through a couple of these notions, he suddenly perked up in his chair and exclaimed, "Quick, set up the microphone—I think I've got a melody." This is usually how we go about it—capturing that raw, honest first reaction to a piece of music and then diving into spontaneous creation in the moment, bouncing ideas off each other. 

Buzz Slayers: Do you collaborate on songwriting, or does one of you come up with an idea and bring it to the other? 


John :  

Simon and I work organically. Simon often presents brilliant songs, and I choose the ones that resonate emotionally. Although we don't meet frequently, when we do, we can quickly record potential album material. We have a trusting and creatively beautiful relationship that allows us both to grow. Occasionally, I contribute beats and ideas, and Simon fills in the rest. It's a natural process. 

Simon :  

Certainly, it's a bit of a mixed bag for me. I write music every day, using it as a cathartic process to destress. Creating music, for me, is not only calming but also incredibly essential to my well-being. Consequently, I've accumulated a considerable amount of music that could potentially be used for songs. However, the true magic unfolds when we collaborate because we each bring unique skills to the table. It's akin to a yin-yang situation, where we complement each other, forming a harmonious whole.   

Buzz Slayers: Apart from other bands, do external influences like films or books inspire your songwriting? 

John :  

Absolutely, everything influences us, especially our personal experiences and current situations. We avoid creating limitations, allowing us the freedom to explore any direction we feel genuine about. Being independent artists without label constraints enables us to change direction like the wind, expressing ourselves naturally. 

Simon :   

Inspiration, for me, is everywhere; I'm always on the lookout for intriguing sounds wherever I find myself. It could be the quirky hum of a malfunctioning escalator or the rhythmic patter of rain on a specific surface. Additionally, I draw inspiration from unlikely sources like playing computer games, immersing myself in the sound design and cinematic music of titles such as Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption, and Skyrim. Films, with their enchanting soundtracks and meticulous sound design, are equally influential. I have a deep appreciation for movie scores like Tron, Blade Runner, Drive, and The Virgin Suicides—there are too many to list, but the point is, inspiration surrounds us, and it's impossible not to be captivated by it. 

Buzz Slayers: "Colour of Water" is an incredible track! Do you believe you're evolving musically? 

John :  

Rather than evolving, I think we're exploring and finding a space to express ourselves freely. As artists, we always aim to improve our craft out of respect for authenticity. It's rewarding to share music confidently, knowing listeners will experience the intended emotions and intentions.

Simon :  

Personally, I still stand by the belief that our first EP, spanning from 2016 to 2018, has some standout tracks with enduring appeal. In my role as a producer, there's ongoing growth in my craft, but what truly defines The Safety Word is the deep connection we've built. Nowadays, our music creation process doesn't require lengthy discussions. The foundation of our strong bond, rooted in love, respect, and trust, plays a pivotal role. Looking back, I used to be rigid about discarding sounds that didn't click with me, wanting to control the creative direction. Now, we've learned that giving each other room to explore uncharted paths often results in our freshest and most exciting work. 

Buzz Slayers: What's your favorite aspect of being musicians? 

John : 

The opportunity to be present in the moment, sincerity, devotion, and love for music and creativity. Ultimately, it's about having someone connect with our songs and acknowledging our existence. 

Simon :   

The creative process itself is just downright incredible. Shaping sound and giving birth to these little sonic creations—it's something else. What makes it even more special is the amazing connection with John. Not only do we create music together in the studio, but performing in front of an audience adds a whole new level of magic. There's this amazing feeling when we receive messages from people all over the world telling us how much our music means to them. And witnessing the joy our music brings to people when they hear it live—it's just indescribable. 

Buzz Slayers: Do you have any upcoming videos or releases? 

John : 

We're working on a film clip for the song, planning to release it when it feels ready. We operate on our terms, avoiding industry formulas. Additionally, we have a David Lynch-inspired mini-series called "Secret Agents Black and White" in the works, to be released at our own pace.   

Simon :   

We just released an 11 track album titled Golden Age this is a double album, part I is all of our more upbeat tracks it’s available to stream now on all platforms. Our latest singl Colour of Water is taken from the second part of this album which is a collection of downtempo songs and ballads it will be releasing in early 2024. 

Buzz Slayers: Are you currently performing live shows? 

Simon :  

Our next show is Sex, Ropes and Rock and Roll on Sat 16th Dec at Whole Lotta which is described as a dark carnival for the soul. And will feature The Safety Word, Z-Cluster, Cheap Coffins and Pallative as well as Japanese rope bondage and fetish performances.    

John : 

We'll also be performing on New Year's Day at the Renaissance Festival to bring in the new year in style.  

Buzz Slayers: Do you record in a home studio? 

Simon :  We both have small home studio setups where we can get the bulk of the creative process done and then we can take it into our engineer Ryan Fallis who runs an incredible studio called Inventions Studios.    

Buzz Slayers: Do you collaborate with other artists? 


Yes, this year, most of our releases are collaborations.   Simon :  Absolutely, on our Spotify page, you'll notice an array of collaborations with artists hailing from diverse corners of the globe—United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, Belarus, and the United States, to name a few. Looking ahead to next year, we're especially thrilled about several upcoming collaborations. Engaging in collaborative efforts is genuinely rewarding for us. It exposes us to varied perspectives on thinking, soundscapes, and songwriting approaches, enriching our creative process.   


Buzz Slayers: Any message for your fans? 

John : 

We love our fans immensely, and words cannot express our gratitude. As long as we're alive, there will be music, art in various forms, writings, and videos. We appreciate all the support and contact from our fans. 

 Simon :

I want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to each and every person who genuinely enjoys our music. The music we craft is a sincere reflection of the melodies beating within our hearts. We're not here to cater to anyone's expectations, nor are we chasing trends or fads. Our music is an authentic manifestation of our artistic vision. The fact that it resonates with others brings us immense joy, and we're incredibly thankful to have you on this journey with us. Rest assured, we remain committed to creating music untarnished by external influences, staying true to the essence of The Safety Word and the cherished philosophies that guide us. Your support means the world, and we promise to keep the creative flame burning brightly. 

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