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An Interview With Movment

A new album release from Movment brings with it a refreshing and progressive alt-pop and rock sound that breeds an honest lyrical approach and a high energy feel with darkness around the edges just lurking just beneath the surface.

The Transformation album is massive and presents a vast soundscape that lets songs bleed into each other with a hard alt rock undertone and a melodic and almost orchestral approach.

Songs do come through cinematic and deepening with touches of pain and you can hear the emotional backbone the songs were built from as they bring an underground classic rock style to the table.

The record takes different paths throughout the course of the 10 tracks and songs touch on a late 90's rock style but never strays form the staple feels of the band's sound on this record.

A post-rock eeriness peeks its head out here and there while guitars trudge and wail and vocals are performed with a slightly sullen angst and passion.

The album is full of great melodic changes and progressions that you don't see coming and its awesome to hear these happen as they take you by surprise and it makes the album all the more addictive and engulfing.

This is a big record, and it does have the ability to wash you away with the sound but it's best to let it happen.

That's what albums like this are made for.

It should be heard in its entirety from start to finish. The best part is that if you like one song, you like them all.

With such a great release, we wanted to have a chat with the band about the album and where it came from.

Here's what happened.

BuzzSlayers: Okay so let's start things off with the Transformation album. This record has a killer rock tonality and a lively energy to it. Where did this record come from?

MK: We have been making music together for a while. We had released the

first Movment album in 2012, Broken Down, and an EP in 2017, but we also

had a number of songs ready for recording. The pandemic gave us the spare

time to complete the album Transformation.  

KK: We started in a band called Raw Novembre, which was punky and

energetic. Movment still has elements of that. Our sound is rock, and punky,

but it also has a dark side to it. We are interested in metal, alt rock, gothic and

synth bands too, and all of this adds to our sound and it feeds into our song


BuzzSlayers: I'm certainly hearing some different styles mixed in on this one. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

MK: We have similar tastes in music, rock, metal, indie, punk, post punk, etc.

I like Iron Maiden, New Model Army, and Nine Inch Nails, but there are lots of

other bands that I listen to.

KK: I try and listen to new bands, some are old, some are just starting.  I'm

listening to Amyl & The Sniffers, The Stranglers, and Gojira at the moment, but also Tricot from Japan, Protomartyr, and so much more.  Vox Low, I really like

these. I'd say we have a diverse taste in music.

We both like The God Machine. I really like Metal Riffs. Have you heard

Devildriver - Clouds Over California? There is so much music out there to listen


BuzzSlayers: Do you do any live performances?

MK: We played a gig at Christmas, a short set, but because of the pandemic,

we haven't played gigs in a number of years.

KK: We are planning to do some gigs in Ireland in 2022. Not sure if we will play

in the UK or Europe, but if an opportunity arose, I wouldn't rule it out.

BuzzSlayers: What kind of things inspire you all to write?

MK: We are big music fans, so that is a major influence on us and our music.

We listen to lots of bands, across a variety of genres.

KK: Yeah, we started out as music fans, and then Mart got a drum set, and I got

a bass, and from there we jammed along with songs we liked.

Eventually I started on guitar, and Mart took over the vocals.

MK: We normally write about life and living, and topics that interest us. So, if

something is happening that grabs our attention, we might write about it.

KK: Our songs tend to be real and are observations on what we see around us.

We would hope that anyone listening gets something from the lyrics. We don't

particularly tell someone what to do. Hopefully it makes the listener think

more about the topic in question. They can make their own minds up about

the things we write. If it is important to us, I am sure it will be important to

some other people as well. It is better for us if it means something to us.

BuzzSlayers: What's next for you as an artist? Is there anything new in the works even now?

MK: Yeah, we are in the middle of writing our next album, and we might have

it written by the Summer. If so, it could get a release in 2022.

KK: Yeah, with the Transformation sessions we had about 16 songs, and we just

chose 10 to complete the album. So, there are other songs already written.

And we always jam and have demos, so there is no shortage of music and lyrics

in the background. The key is finalizing these songs, and then making a

decision on whether they are good enough to release.

MK: Yeah, compared to years ago, it is much easier to write and record music.

We have a good setup at home to do this.

BuzzSlayers: The music video for We all Must Go was amazing. Did it come out how you expected?

MK: we have made 4 videos for the singles, and we are pleased with how all of

them turned out. We made the videos ourselves. It is something we will do

more of in the future.

KK: Yeah, again, it is much easier to make videos ourselves compared to even 5

years ago. The videos also let us get our ideas and art across. They are

deliberately dark. That is what we are into. I can’t see us making a video on a

sunny day. If we do, we will probably darken it.

We also design our own sleeves for our CDs.

BuzzSlayers: Do you collaborate to produce your songs? What are you performing aside from piano and vocals?

MK: All music on the album was created by Kevin and me. I focus on drums and

vocals mostly.

KK: Yeah I play bass, guitars, and I also add piano and synths. As I said about

videos, writing music and songs in 2021/22 is so much easier. And it allows us

to create all the music ourselves, which is important to us. We like to base our

songs on Drums, Bass, Guitars, and Vocals, and then add synths and keyboards

to add to the atmosphere of the songs. It works for us.

BuzzSlayers: What are you all doing when you're NOT working on music?

KK: I'm into the web and computers, so I am interested in music technology

and synths. There are amazing new hardware and software instruments

available at the moment, with loads of new synths being released almost

weekly. I particularly like Maschine. I have also been using AKAI stuff. But I

also like guitars and getting new sounds from them. I really like guitar crunch,

and I am a big fan of Marshall amps.

MK: Even though we are not full-time musicians, it is a very important part of

our lives. Drums and bass are the backbone of our songs. It's a great time for

anyone that wants to write songs or create music. It is much easier to do this

now. Even drums and beats have evolved. We embrace new technology. If it

makes the song sound better, we will use it.

BuzzSlayers: This album feels like a big undertaking. What kind of advice would you have for other up and coming bands out there?

MK: I know lots of bands are releasing songs and singles individually, but we

believe that an album is a body of work, so every band, at least in genres like

ours, should create an album. Perhaps not everyone would agree with this. But

an album by a band is what I normally listen to. Having said that, there might

only be a couple of standout tracks on the album. It is difficult to make an

album where every track stands out. That is a challenge. But the album is

number 1 for me. So young bands should write and record enough songs for an

album, and release it. It is so easy to release music now, especially digitally.

KK: I see writing songs as the most important aspect of what we do. That for

me is the key. And although any song can ultimately be played on an acoustic

guitar, I like to add atmospherics, and get unique guitar sounds, and all of this

adds to the mix. Fundamentally we want to create something unique to us.

So, for young bands, that is what I think they should focus on. Writing songs.

Recording them. And making them sound amazing. Everything else is just part

of the music business and is just like any other business. Creating songs is

where it is at for me.

BuzzSlayers: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

MK: I would like to thank anyone that makes the effort to listen to our music.

There is so much music out there, so we appreciate their choice to listen to our


KK: And if they do listen to our songs, I hope they get something from them,

from the music, or the lyrics. And I hope it makes them think more about the

subjects we are writing about. We are all on this long, or short, journey to the

Big Black River... We All Must Go!

Thanks for your interest in Movment and our music. We will have new music

on the way, hopefully before the end of 2022.

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