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An Interview With Larry Locust

A new single release from Larry Locust brings out an honest and cinematic soundscape that bears classic grunge influence and blends it into a current indie rock feel but keeps it acoustically driven so everything keeps you floating in this sort of dream atmosphere.

"MNR Panic Attack" boasts a very particular character and is delivered with a great heart and authenticity both vocally and instrumentally so that the song comes through with the ability to almost engulf you completely.

And it feels good to let it be just that because this song is kind of an escape in a way and it's an insight into someone's personal thoughts and emotion which is what songs like this are all about really.

It's very important that we have songs that can make us think and feel because we don't get that as much as we used to and when it comes along it's something that is a bit freeing in a way.

It's a unique experience to be able to escape into someone else's world even if just for a moment so that when you come back to reality you have to shake it off.

On top of that, you can tell that this was definitely coming from someplace very real because of the lyrical content and when you listen to it you get the feeling that this may have been cathartic for Larry.

But what's more, is that it can be a little relieving and relatable for the listener as well which is something that is fantastic.

Although the song does keep to this acoustic guitar feel it also has electric guitars that float in and out and create these waves of sound that let you get washed away with everything.

They're also a lot of hints towards that dark edginess that lurk just beneath the surface of the release which is part of the honesty of everything as well.

Even though you get this sort of grunge undertone throughout the song which for me, was a bit nostalgic and I enjoyed it a lot, there is a gracefulness in the performance especially vocally.

The guitar work is outstanding and it's just intense at times how people can create these whole other places for you to feel and hear using their instruments alone.

But that I suppose, is the beauty of music when it's done right.

There are definitely layers to be peeled back with this single and most likely with this artist as well and there was definitely a lot of attention to detail when it came to the layering and tracking of this release, but it never loses that heart in the delivery which is one of the most important aspects of it.

With the release of such a wondrous single, we wanted to have a sit-down with Larry Locust to find out what this song was inspired by or where it came from along with what might be next for the artist.

Here's what happened.

Buzz Slayers: Okay, let's start with "MNR Panic Attack''! This song had such an honest lyrical approach and came through cinematic! How did this track come about?

  • Thank you, that is super kind to say. MNR Panic Attack came about, as most of my tunes do, which is just an idea at first that I write on guitar and through the weeks, months, sometimes years, I chip away at how the song is shaped melodically on guitar and vocally until I feel it's reached a finished state. When the vocal melody is established, I try to pick a topic to write about and in this case, I chose to write about my experiences of having anxiety when traveling. I once had a panic attack while taking a train down to Grand Central Station to play a show in the city and that sparked the idea to devote this tune/idea to that experience.

Buzz Slayers: How did this all start for you as an artist? When did you fall in love with music?

  • I've always been in love with music and the idea of performing music ever since I was a kid but I first got interested in playing guitar and rock music when I was about 12 or 13 years old. I got my first guitar around then and haven't stopped playing and writing songs since.

Buzz Slayers: What kind of things really inspire songs for you?

  • I think other music and musicians are what inspires my music. I've always been fascinated by musicians that I used to idolize like Hendrix, Cobain, Biggie and Joplin, ect. The music and musicians I love the most all seem to be telling a personal story about themselves that allows the listener to connect to those experiences and maybe let them feel not so alone or lost in their lives. That's a huge inspiration for how I like to approach making music. It's cool to have an outlet to be vulnerable through.

Buzz Slayers: This single has some great styles on it! Can you give us some of your biggest influences musically?

  • The foundation of MNR was influenced by an Alex G song I really like called Mary. I think subconsciously I was channeling that tune one day when I picked up my guitar to noodle around and the more I riffed, the more it transformed into what became the bare bones of the song. In general though, my biggest influences are Hendrix, Modest Mouse, Pinback, St. Vincent, Biggie and Kendrick.

Buzz Slayers: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music?

  • When I'm not working on music I work as a carpenter/builder as my 9-5. Other than work, I'm usually hanging with my partner and our cat or catching shows.

Buzz Slayers: Who's in your headphones right now?

  • I've been listening to a lot Khruangbin, Lola Young and my pals Bruiser & Bicycle who just put out an epic new full-length album.

Buzz Slayers: Are you doing any live performances right now?

  • I just did a couple shows recently around my home base in the Hudson Valley but nothing coming up until maybe late summer. I've been pretty lax about booking while I plan to record more and maybe set up a band.

Buzz Slayers: Did you record yourself or hit a big studio for this?

  • I only just started teaching myself some basics on garage band over the pandemic which is good for making demos to listen back to but when planning to make something that will end up being a final product, I get together with my long-time friend Dylan Nowik who is a audio engineer, producer, musician to record. He recorded, produced and mixed MNR and really helped me take it to another level. He has a nice home studio at his place in the Catskills.

Buzz Slayers: What can your fans expect from you in the near future?

  • Haha my "fans" can probably expect another single in the next year or so depending on scheduling recording sessions. Until then I'll be playing here and there around the Hudson Valley and hopefully soon in NYC but all at a slow and steady pace.

Buzz Slayers: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

  • I always make a point to say this at shows but what I'll say is that being able to make music and play shows in a room full or not so full of people is a complete privilege and is super sacred. People should just recognize that and acknowledge that any time they get the chance to experience live music or when they find music they like. Artists of all mediums and statures give a piece of themselves for others to see through their art and it's a very vulnerable thing to do and to let others see. That's how I approach being a musician and I think it's an important thing for all artists to consider and recognize when they do their thing.

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