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An Interview With Jarrod Gipson

A fresh new release from Jared Gipson hits with a youthful swagger and a fresh blend of hip hop and pop that gets weaved into a catchy and colorful R&B chorus that becomes incredibly addictive and infectious the more you listen to it.

The "This Should Be On Soundcloud" EP has such a bright and youthful vibe to it that you can easily hit the dance floor, but you also end up finding yourself paying attention to the lyrics and what he's saying and a lot of times that flow is Flawless and tight but never without that heart or soul.

The EP consists of just two songs the first being a track called "Starving" which really has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to from the get-go.

The track definitely lets Jarrod shine as an artist as it really shows his presence and character heavily and it's a great one.

The next track dubbed "Nala Eyes" gives a little more of the same but with a new twist.

In a way, these are sort of party songs and each one stands on its own two feet as a single but listening to both of these songs in a row is really the way to go here.

They each sort of have a little bit of their own persona and I really like that about them.

They are definitely consistent and confluent in terms of the songwriting and the arrangement approach along with that feel for grooves that get under your skin in the best ways possible.

You definitely want to listen to these songs more than once so you can pick up on everything that he's saying but you also have those hooks bouncing around in your head for hours after the song is ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to the songs again which in my opinion, is straight up smart songwriting.

This artist definitely captures a certain energy that makes you want more and it's because you end up feeding off of that energy and it feels good.

By the end of these two songs, you feel like you could take on pretty much anything at the moment.

These songs are alive and breathing and have some layers that you can actually peel back but all in all, these are tracks that step a little outside of the box in terms of production and have a few surprises around the corners which is completely refreshing.

These tracks are 100% radio-friendly and if they're not on the airwaves already then, they should be soon because these are anthems that you can definitely get down to at any given time of the day or night.

With such a well-woven EP, we wanted to have a sit-down with Jarrod to find out where these tracks came from and what might be coming up next for the artist.

Here's what happened.

Buzz Slayers: Okay, let's start with "This Should Be On Soundcloud"! This EP had such a youthful and colorful vibe to it with classic hip-hop undertones! How did this release come about?

Thank you! I honestly started writing as much as possible last November really just trying to sculpt my own sound and lane. Knew I needed to produce my own shit and I grew up on hip hop and Mac Miller, those kinds of vibes, so I guess those are the sounds I started looking for. From there it kind of all came together. Thankfully I have friends who are INSANE producers so it’s been a lot of watching and studying them, asking them questions, and getting their critique. Makes me much better.

Buzz Slayers: How did this all start for you as an artist?

Out of survival. My dad died and I was losing more family and friends left and right. Insomnia, drunk, smoke, the whole thing. I’d stay up and sing and learn piano and write all night since I couldn’t sleep so It was the only thing that was there for me that never hurt me. So I clung to it and got lost in it. From there, It started taking more and more shape and form and I really wanted to chase the dream of being an artist so I give back to the people who got me through that time. Feel like I got a lot to say. Buzz Slayers: What kind of things really inspire songs for you?

It’s just moments for me honestly. I’ll see a phrase or hear someone say something, watch a movie, or think of a moment I long for with somebody, and usually just starts pouring out. Live performances are big for me too. Real life is the biggest. I don’t think you can make something that moves people if you don’t go live your life and experience the real shit. Buzz Slayers: This record has some interesting approaches to it! Can you give us some of your biggest influences musically?

Thank you so much! I have so many but the guys who impacted me the most, Justin Timberlake, Mac Miller, Coldplay, Kevin Garrett, Blink 182. So many others but those 5 just made me want to do it, cause they all didn’t sound like other people. They carved their own lane and kind of said fuck it to the right decisions and moves, but did what they felt convicted by. Buzz Slayers: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music? Haha honestly trying to get some more balance in my damn life, cause there are very few moments I’m not working on music. If I’m not, I’m watching any and all basketball, or I’m at Rosies drinking with my boys Aaron and Jason and Drew. Those are some of my favorite times right now. Besides those, trying to learn how to sleep better haha. Buzz Slayers: Who's in your headphones right now?

VEAUX, REALfiction, Dominic Fike, Mac, myself. Lots of old Kanye, and Sabrina Carpenter, Billie, and Sabrina Claudio on repeat. Buzz Slayers: Are you doing any live performances right now? Not as an artist no! I’m so stoked to be soon though. You can only be a rookie and new to a scene or town once, and since moving to Nashville, I want my first show to just be fully me and fresh. With these releases coming, I wanted to get a few out and have people hear a bit of my vibe and then start hitting shows and connecting. I haven’t been this excited to perform in a very long time so anxiously awaiting. Buzz Slayers: Do you record these at a big studio or do you have a home studio set-up? It’s mainly my home studio set up or homes studio setup. My boy Taylor Macres and I do all my stuff out of his studio in his house. STARVING and NALA EYES were made in my home studio on my own. I’ve worked on some unreleased at my best friend Aarons. So it’s just constantly flowing between those for my own artistry. Buzz Slayers: What can your fans expect from you in the near future? Loads of new music, consistency, and shows. Lot’s of dancing and crying, and a lot of fucking fun. Buzz Slayers: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music? Thank you 10 million for every message, stream, share, comment and so on. You’re the reason I do it, and I just want to give you a place to go where you can be fully you, and feel an escape from this shit show called life we ride all the time. This is the beginning and I’m excited you’re here.

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