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An Interview With Gl1tch

The latest full album release from Gl1tch comes through as a soiree of digital textures that come in like sonic waves as they blend together and create impactful and climatic transitions that manage to at times feel classic but then bring in a futuristic feel as well.

The Warriors of The Rainbow album is intense and hits with a wicked punch to the gut in the best way possible of course.

These tracks have such edginess to them but are so incredibly addicting in their formula that it's really hard to not let it wrap itself around you and keep you right where it wants to.

You get a wild array of approaches in terms of songwriting, formatting, and arrangement throughout this record, but it all comes together almost like a concept album would.

These songs are sharp but deepening, they are lush and full-bodied in such a unique way that it is all very infectious.

One of my favorite aspects about this release is that you feel things from these songs.

The heavy-handed beats and whipping synths end up getting your blood pumping and you can feel them in your bones which is really cool because you have this record that's got so much hard drive to it, but it also comes with this mass number of melody-based soundscapes as well.

It's a wonderful combination and it makes for songs that stick with you.

There's something about this album that makes you want to go back and listen to it again as soon as it's ended just to feel that feeling certain tracks gave you and that aspect alone is something that I've missed about records for a long time.

There are elements of glitch, new wave, synth-pop, dark wave, dubstep, indie pop, dreamscape, and so much more involved with this release that in order to really soak it in the way it was meant to, you should listen to the entire record in one fat sitting.

There's something incredibly freeing about this album and it makes you want to hear it forever in a way.

It's such a cool form of escapism because when you listen to it you don't think about anything in your own reality, so you get to jump into someone else's for a while and live that one.

These tracks also come through with such cinematic undertones and so much energy and gusto that you really become engulfed in it.

The record really portrays such a unique and refreshing way of genre-blending and making it feel completely natural with, and without vocals.

And this is probably where the future of music is headed. Being able to cross into different genres within one song in a natural way and still have it be super impactful is a beautiful thing and it's done really well with this release.

With the dropping of this album, we wanted to have a sit down with the artist and producer known as Gl1tch to find out where this record actually came from and what might be coming up next for it the artist.

Here's what went down.

Buzz Slayers: How did this all start for you as an artist? When did you fall in love with music? When I was in high school, really successful people in my life encouraged me to do what I wanted with my life over just focusing on money. I got myself a drum set and decided I would do whatever it takes to become a successful artist. I've always loved music, since I was a kid. In high school I was super depressed, and music felt like the only thing keeping me going. After I graduated, I decided to make music specifically to help heal people. Buzz Slayers: What kind of things really inspire songs for you? Making experimental music means I find inspiration in many different ways. Sometimes it's at a show, listening to other people's songs, sometimes its hearing someone drop a fork on the floor, and wanting to sample that sound. I also take inspiration from a lot of spiritual ideas. Things that help my songs create a story and help educate those who want to look at the deeper meaning of my song / album titles and concepts. Buzz Slayers: This album has some great styles on it! Can you give us some of your biggest influences musically? LSDream was a huge one in terms of making high vibe healing frequencies, but tipper inspired a lot of the sounds I used in the music. Beyond those two artists, many smaller ones played a slight role in sound development, but overall I tried to keep it as new and original as possible. Buzz Slayers: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music? Kava bars is my biggest hobby. They are bars that sell non alcoholic drinks that still make you feel good. They have amazing communities of people from all different walks of life. A very diverse crowd of people who surprisingly get along very well. Buzz Slayers: Who's in your headphones right now? Pura Scout, and Pluto Era Buzz Slayers: Are you doing any live performances right now? I have a small festival called camp space coming up June 23rd - 25th Buzz Slayers: Did you record yourself or hit a big studio for this? I am all self recorded from my home studio, but I outsourced the mastering from a studio. Buzz Slayers: What can your fans expect from you in the near future? I just launched my patreon that's going to have a lot of exclusive content, but I have a giant collab album, a soundscape ep, and a few singles coming out soon! Buzz Slayers: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music? Music is very powerful for so many different things. At its core it always brings people together, but it's frequencies can be very influential. Negative songs can mess with your mental state, but positive songs can help. It's up to you which frequencies you choose to listen to because both ends of the spectrum are very enjoyable.

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