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An Interview with Ever Snow & Jordan Mower of Bear The Cross

A blistering new single from Ever Snow comes through with a haunting and deepening metal soundscape that hits with an aggressive undertone but bears a haunting feeling at times with drudging riffs, pounding drums, and Fierce vocals, but melodic and drifting ghost-like vocals that add to the atmosphere of the song and change the game a bit.

"Blood Cargo" has a ridiculous energy that's incredibly infectious from the get-go and the whole thing is done with such attention to detail but with such a passion for the craft that it's hard to look away from.

Everything from the guitar work, bass, and drums gives the song its massive drive and portrays a great style of arrangement that has a way of pulling you in, wrapping itself around you, and keeping you right where it wants to.

Dubbed as a Witchcore and Deathcore genre, this track crawls under your skin and all the best ways possible.

This release is based on something very real and very serious which is the series of Boeing 737 crashes that have taken the lives of literally thousands of people.

What's more, is that the band also focuses on Boeing's response to the crashes and fatalities.

Now, this is a topic that's a difficult one to be able to even wrap your head around let alone write a song about and you can really feel that authentic aggression towards the entire situation along with the sadness it brings throughout the course of the single.

This is why you get that haunting undertone as well.

No matter what, songs that are written about something real and genuine come through differently because they were driven by a force that comes from emotion, and when that comes into play the right way, you get something that is completely memorable.

The release is done with Jordan Mower from the band Bear The Cross and the collaboration was obviously a smart one with both parties wanting to be involved for the same purpose.

This song is a wake-up call and for those that want to open their eyes to how these kinds of situations are swept under the rug or pushed to the side, this track is absolutely for you.

On the musical side, again this is a sucker punch to the gut with a thrashing hardcore and death metal tonality that is done with passion.

Obviously, with the release of this EP, we wanted to have a sit-down with Ever Snow out more from their words about how the song came to fruition and what might be coming up next for them.

Here's what went down.

Buzz Slayers: Okay, let's start with The Blood Cargo release" This EP had a blisteringly heavy soundscape and was driven by emotion over a topic that is very real!! Tell us about how this all came together. Jordan:You know, the whole premise behind the song was actually mainly Ever’s idea.

So, I remember talking to her about this particular issue and honestly, I wasn’t really aware of the crashes.

I may have seen it on the news at some point but I’d kind of forgotten about it because I wasn’t really following it like Ever was.

But one thing that I can say is that we really connected in the sense that a lot of the stuff that I’m writing right now, under my band, Bear The Cross, is that we write a lot about our pure distain and hatred towards those who prey upon victims in any way shape or form.

To me the subject matter of the song was very much a story of that, someone preying upon victims, of some sort of wrong that has happened. When Ever told me all about that, it really just pissed me off and angered me to know what happened and that’s how we came together and really honed down on the emotion portrayed in this song So yea that’s basically how we came together and started writing around this subject matter and blood cargo. EVER : what Jordan said Buzz Slayers: Is Ever Snow a full band or do you do this on your own? How about Bear The Cross as well? EVER: For now it’s just me, except for when I collaborate with other musicians/producers. However I AM looking for a band if anyone’s interested in joining me REALLLY Serious Inquiries only please. Jordan: Bear the cross is a full band, well almost a full a band, because we are out a bassist right now, so although I’m primarily a vocalist, I take over on the bass duties and I also help with guitar. But the other members, which are actually my brother in laws cousins, they do guitar and drums. So yea, we are almost a full band. We are actually going to start looking for a bassist when we start writing more music, I figured since I play bass we don’t need a bassist at the moment until we start looking at doing live performances. Buzz Slayers: You teamed up with Jordan Mower on this single. How did that come about? EVER: I had recently written another song (Not.A.Secret.Anymore) regarding my work injury and the injustice behind it being hushed by those who caused it - I realized then that writing about injustices is definitely my thing and I wanted to do more like it. Jordan and I are always talking about music and the injustices of the world and I’d mentioned on the phone one day how wound up I still was regarding the legal situation with Boeing and the 737Max crash victims families and how I felt like I needed to write a song to get that rage out and asked if he’d be interested in collaborating on that topic. He was immediately on board and I’m not kidding- he literally cranked out the entire instrumental section and vocals within a week - although it felt like it was overnight. He’s such an incredible musician, I’m really honored he agreed to do this with me. Buzz Slayers: Tell us about the intro track.

Jordan: So this is really a way for us to take the listener and put them into the perspective of the victims that we are talking about in “ Blood Cargo”. It’s really meant for us to really feel and really embrace the true experience of pain and suffering that these victims went thru, and to really help fuel the anger that comes from knowing what has happened and how Boeing has handled the situation in court and with the victims families. EVER: It was soooo easy for Boeing to use their money and influence to shield themselves and at the same time, minimize the horrific suffering the crash victims likely suffered.

They played it so well in court, it was easy to keep the public more separated from connecting with the issue. So, we decided to push a lot of boundaries and make people really uncomfortable on purpose.

We made sure to re-create a likely scenario during the crash - to remind the public that what Boeing said was manipulative BS, that the crash victims suffered ALOT and Boeing executives don’t care, they got paid out and got out of criminal prosecution because they’re rich. Ok fine… then we will make sure no one forgets what they did for money.

Buzz Slayers: This single has some great heavy styles on it! Can you give us some of your biggest influences musically? Jordan: Thanks guys, that means so much to us, that you guys loved it, that it met your expectations and most importantly that you thought it was heavy. That’s really what we set out to do. We couldn’t be more thrilled that you guys liked it. So as far as my musical influences, I first started to fall in love with metal during the “Nu-Metal” explosion, like Linkin Park, Slipknot, Korn, those are some of my early influences. And then not too long after Mitch Lucker of “Suicide Silence” died, I started to get into “Suicide Silence”, they were kind of my gateway into “DeathCore”.

Mitch Lucker’s vocals are also what inspired me to learn high screams, which I feel I do a-lot more naturally versus low screams. So, fast forward a little bit, I was married, I got a divorce, and after my divorce I really got back into DeathCore, it helped me kinda get through those hard times, and I started to get into the 2nd generation DeathCore bands. That includes Paleface Swiss, Spite, Signs of the Swarm, White Chapel - they’re 1st generation but I really started to get into them at this time. Another big one that I got into was “ Ov Sulfer”. Those are actually probably my top 5 bands at the moment. When I write, I find myself writing very much with elements of each of those bands. So yea, those are some of my influences. EVER: Like Jordan, I was ( and still am) very big into the Nu-Metal scene from the late 90s/early 2000s. My influences were Staind, Slipknot, Korn, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Kittie, Nightwish, Evans Blue, Chevelle, Orgy, StaticX, Otep, Coal Chamber, Deftones and a ton more.

More recent influences include: Spiritbox, In this Moment, Halestorm, Violent Vira, Faetooth, Cassyette, Mothica, Banshee, Kim Dracula, and thanks to Jordan Paleface Swiss also .

Buzz Slayers: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music? Jordan: So when I’m not writing music, I’m either working, I work a very busy day job as a Pest-Control Technician, I’m also a single dad - so I share custody with my daughter, so I’m also sometimes spending time with my daughter, we do fun things together like going to the park. She’s in gymnastics right now, so I like to support her there, we also like to go to the beach, and hang out in the pool. If by some miracle, that I still have time after all these things, I do like to surf and be outdoors as well. (Such as camping hiking and those types of activities). EVER: Honestly diving into music is my happy place and I’m at it 24/7 however whenever I’m switching gears, I’m drawing, driving for hours out enjoying nature photography, at the beach, talking about spirituality/theology or teaching about it - including meditation etc, or working on my Fantasy Trilogy Book Series. Buzz Slayers: Who's in your headphones right now? Jordan: Lately definitely Paleface Swiss EVER: Faetooth - I’m so in love with their stuff. Buzz Slayers: Are you doing any live performances right now? Jordan: At the moment we are not doing any live performances, simply because we don’t have any published music yet under “Bear The Cross”, but I will give you guys a little spoiler that we are working on a EP right now, and we are about to Mix and Master our first single which is going to called “Infesting the Innocence”. I’ve already showed the track to Ever, she loved it, and I think you guy’s will love it too. EVER: Not yet- I have a lung disease and some neurological (physical) weakness caused by my old job and have to work up to how I’d perform live. HOWEVER- I’m actually looking to start doing some live shows in the next 6 months - fingers crossed. Buzz Slayers: Did you record this yourself or hit a big studio for this? Jordan: So we basically did everything from the comfort of our own rooms. It’s great because nowadays with music production we have access to technology and equipment that allows us to record these things with quality in our rooms. Not to say that it replaces the professional mixing and mastering but I feel like the barrier to mixing and mastering and recording your own stuff is much lower at this point in time. And that’s just a really cool thing and we definitely were able to make it happen because of this with. “Blood Cargo”. EVER: Exactly what Jordan said. I record in my closet - put on some Aurora lights for mood lighting and record on my laptop. For demos when I’m testing out a song idea I’m usually parked somewhere and I’ll record a demo on my cellphone before going home. Buzz Slayers: What can your fans expect from you in the near future? Anything coming up? Jordan: So from the side of “ Bear The Cross” you can definitely expect an EP, it’s hard to say what the timeline is right now, because we all have our own jobs, and we have our own commitments, so we are doing things at our own pace. I’m hoping that by mid to end of next year we will have our first EP, and I’m hoping that the first single of that EP will be out by either the end of this Summer or beginning of the Fall.

So that’s what we’re hoping for on Bear The Cross. Another thing you can be on the lookout for is my 2nd project, called “Vicious Valor”.

That one is going to be a little different sounding than Bear The Cross, partially because Bear The Cross is very much like a “White Chapel” sound with some blackened elements. Vicious Valor is gonna be more slammed beat down “Paleface Swiss” sounding type of music, very in your face type of thing. Yea that one is gonna be exciting. My buddy Drew is gonna be on that project, he’s doing vocals, I’m taking over instruments, I’m also helping with vocals. That’s another thing you can look forward to as well. We will definitely keep you posted on the progress for both “Vicious Valor” and “Bear The Cross”. EVER: I have a Fantasy Book Trilogy coming out and the first book “Curse of Fallen Mirrors” will be out around Sept this year if I can catch up on my writing in time and I’m actually writing music to go with that book series, “Fallen” is the first song which is already out, and the 2nd song is “Army of the Dead” which releases officially Aug 2, however I did put a lyrics video up of the full song on my YouTube channel- so if you’re curious about it, the full song is there. Buzz Slayers: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

Jordan: To all the fans out there thank you, thank you,thank you. A million fucking times, seriously, we are so grateful that you guys listen, and streamed our song, and we’re stoked that you liked it, that you think it’s heavy. We’re just in awe about all the positive feedback we’ve received from it and we are eternally grateful and just thank you for everything in regard to the song. EVER: BIG HUGS AND HUGE THANK YOUUUUU TO EVERYONE. Whatever anyone out there is going through, whatever it is you wish you could accomplish, work towards it and never stop. No matter how lonely the road is at times, you’ll find your people and you’ll be happier knowing you’re living for your purpose, the dream that calls to your heart. You matter in this world and you have a purpose, allow yourself to be all that you are and more.

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