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An Interview with Buddha Boy aka Bodhi

A brand-new album release from Buddha Boy aka Bodhi brings a whole new world to hip-hop by taking a special breed of honesty and lacing it into songs that range from dance-pop to dream-pop and everything in between, by combining these worlds you have something refreshing and new.

The Children Of The Sun album is built with such descriptive lyrics that certain tracks allow you to paint vivid pictures in your head while others just express personal thoughts, feelings, and goals for the artist which I think is all quite a wonderful combination and gives this record a very particular drive and authenticity.

This album is definitely more of an experience than just an album and one of my favorite aspects about the whole thing is the sheer fact that you need to listen to the entire thing to soak it in properly because if you listen to just a few tracks here and there, then you will get nowhere near the full spectrum that this album actually has to offer.

You get loads of personality and character off of these songs lyrically and so you get to hear an artist who gives pieces of himself with no boundaries, and I think that's something that lets you connect with the artist and with the music even more than normal.

This is something you don't come across often so when you do its sort of refreshing in a way and you find yourself getting a bit addicted to the LP the more that you listen.

The rapping, and lyrical phrasing are all super on point but it's that heart that really grabs you and there's loads of that strewn across the span of this release.

This is something that truly has a youthful approach but the undertone of an old soul and this is a beautiful combination and one that shows endless character.

Musically this record is outstanding as well because you get these expansive and fast tones, cinematic feels, classic beads, and wonderful use of synths and pads throughout this record sort of atmosphere for you to fall into.

The best part about that is, once you're in that atmosphere you don't want to leave it.

By the time you get halfway through the album you begin to expect the unexpected and that to me is like a gift musically.

This record serves as an amazing escape because it has the ability to pull you away from your surroundings and bring you to a different place altogether and it's all delivered with a certain kind of energy that is also incredibly addictive, when all these things come together you have a very memorable album that has as much soul as it does catchiness.

I feel like certain songs are cathartic for the artist and for the listener. They become incredibly relatable but they all have this sort of love behind them along with that heavy drive and hunger that you can hear with every lyric and every note.

With the release of such a memorable album, we wanted to have a sit-down with Buddha Boy aka Bodhi where this actually came from and what might be coming up next for the artist. 

Here's what happened.

Buzz Slayers: Welcome back and we're excited about the new record! 

Buddha Boy: Bless up and thanks for having me.

Buzz Slayers: Let's talk about the album. How long did this take you to put together?

It took me 4 years to get the music ready, to write the lyrics as I was traveling, connect with featured artists and make a complete picture out of it.

Buzz Slayers: This was a very expansive record! Did you collaborate with anyone to produce it?

A music creation process always depends, in my case. There are things that I write on my own and then just send it to the arrangers to put it together later.

Sometimes I ask someone to produce something interesting for me. There is no solid structure of how things have to be.

Buzz Slayers: Do you record a lot of this stuff at a home studio, or is it all in a big studio somewhere?

I always record in professional studios. And I prefer underground studios with authentic, creative energy, and never the fancy ones.

Buzz Slayers: Seems like some songs are personal. Was this a cathartic experience for you to record?

All of the songs are personal. They are about my experience throughout the years of traveling. This record contains my reflection on things that all conscious people face every day of their lives: protest against injustice, falling in love, seeking the truth, fighting for human rights, and at the same time remaining positive, peaceful, and spiritual, ranging from rough rap lines to mellow dreamy vocals.

Are you planning on going out for a tour or live performances anytime soon?

I have some ideas about that. Currently I am discussing some potential touring opportunities with my fellow musicians. Let's see how it goes. But I perform everywhere, from the nearest street corner to venues.

Buzz Slayers: Do you write lyrics first or is it the production and music that comes first in the process?

What was there first? A chicken or an egg? =) Creativity is always spontaneous. It's about being in the flow and not about mathematics. So, it's always different.

Buzz Slayers: What is your favorite aspect of being a musician?

It's about losing the track of time in the process of creativity and inspiration. It's about being honest with myself and with my listeners. It's about being able to collaborate with artists from all over the world and unite our energies to create something meaningful.

Buzz Slayers: Okay so what's coming up next? Music videos?

There are a couple of videos that are already out there, for example, Darkest Night official video featuring Don Husky and Hands in the Air featuring Mahesh Vinayakram. There are some that are still to be released, hopefully this year, God's Willing.

Buzz Slayers: What would you say people can expect from this album?

A variety of genres that are blended together in a brave, innovative crossovers, combining electronic music, dance music, hip-hop, reggae, beatbox, ethnic music, future garage, and much more. Thought provocative lyrics that are for conscious human beings, describing struggles and hopes of the modern day.

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