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An Honest New Single Release From Stephanie James

A new single release from Stephanie James brings out a refreshing contemporary vibe that breeds a degree of honesty and is lyrically emotionally driven but comes through with such a genuine approach that it lets her character as an artist really shine.

"I Could Use a Laugh" is a calling for realness and the feeling of being alive.

She's singing about things that are incredibly relatable and this is part of what makes the song so addictive.

I love songs like this because the express things that some of us feel but don't have the ability to quite articulate it the way we'd want to or just don't talk about it.

When artists like Stephanie step in it lets us feel like we're not alone at times which is a beautiful thing in itself.

The other thing I really love about the song is how open she is because when it's over you feel like you understand her better as a person and you don't get that often either.

You listen to this song, and you nod your head in agreement with what she's saying but you also get that hook lodged in your brain for hours after the song is ended because it's got a really great way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

This single has a lot of pop undertones to it but there's this soft subtlety as well that lets the song flow a certain way and it's all about the energy that she portrays on the track.

This definitely made me want to see her perform live just to be able to soak it in because I have a great feeling that she's going to be an outstanding life performer just based on the energy that she captures on recording.

You can clearly tell that this is an artist that has a pure love for her craft and maybe writing songs like this is even cathartic on some level for her.

The single is built with heart and performed with a certain passion that comes through and gives her a personality.

We need more songs like this in music.

It doesn't really matter the genre it just matters that we have songs that are connected and that we can relate to.

Songs that chorus later on in the day and making us want to play it again just to be satiated.

In my opinion that's just smart songwriting but I think for Stephanie It comes naturally.

This was absolutely beautifully woven and speaks volumes for Stephanie James has an artist and as a person.

Dive into this one when you can, you certainly won't regret it.

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