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An Honest And Addicting New Single From Max MacLaury

A brand-new single release from Max MacLaury brings out a personal and honest songwriting approach that comes with this deepening Groove that you end up feeling in your bones as keyboards flow and guitar strum, you begin to get engulfed by the whole aesthetic of the track.

"Leave" comes through with a lot of personality and has a way of letting you know where the artist stands in certain situations.

This single has a way of sort of pulling you in and once you're there you don't really want to leave because the atmosphere is such a cool one.

This track has a sort of almost live feel to it and it's almost like the players are feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

Maybe this was recorded live on the floor. Can't be sure but either way, you can get a feel for how infectious this song is.

You can tell there was plenty of heart that went into this track and that performance vocally is spot on in terms of delivering the right melodies at the right times.

It certainly feels like this track came from a real situation and maybe this was the way for him to get everything off of his chest.

This is one of those songs that may have been a bit cathartic for someone to get out.

You can get a strong sense of who he is in a way and that serves the track well as it flows into its sections and parts.

This is one of those songs where everything in it is what makes it work. All the instruments provide an atmosphere when they are playing together, and it helps tell the story from his perspective.

This also makes things somewhat relatable.

This release has a particular smoothness and sort of attitude to it and because of the way everything sounds together with the vocals, it really shows character.

This is something you just don't get a lot of these days so it's really nice to hear it.

The guitar tones are vast on this and that kind of gives the song a little bit of a cinematic pull as well and just adds to that atmosphere even more.

Now, if you dig this track then you're likely to like his previous EP released in 2021 and it's a good idea to listen to it because it also shows different sides of that personality and songwriting styles.

But all in all, everything he seems to release is coming from someplace real and comes through as being very honest and I think that's part of the allure of what he's doing.

We don't get this kind of honesty too much unless it's more of a folk style which this of course isn't, but when you do get it, you begin to relate to it more and more.

This is definitely an artist to be looking out for in the coming months as hopefully he's going to be releasing more singles and we're hoping for more of what we're hearing here.

Definitely give this one a listen because it's well worth your time and your playlists.

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