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An Alluring Soul-Pop EP From Jasmine Matthews

A new EP release from Jasmine Matthews brings out a lush and alluring pop tonality that blends with soul and R&B to give off an atmosphere that you fall right into and have no trouble swimming about in its soundscape.

The Reverie EP shines with personality and character because she gives off such an honest approach and in doing so lets you get more attached to who she is as a person and as an artist.

These songs certainly feel like they're coming from someplace genuine and that makes them all the more authentic.

One of my favorite things about this whole record is its vocal approach because the layers of harmonies and combinations is really beautifully done.

Each of these tracks seems to connect to another and the whole thing serves almost like a chapter of a buck and when it's done you feel like you know her better which is something I've missed in music for quite some time. Being able to get to know an artist better through her lyrics.

The release has a wonderful combination of fantastical elements that blend color and edge quite well and it's never over the top, but you do have layers that can be peeled back throughout the record as well.

A lot of this record has a sort of cinematic backbone, and you can certainly see these tracks in the scene of a film or TV show for example really easily.

Everything was really beautifully performed and has a sort of graceful approach to it with a dreamy undertone that lets you get engulfed and everything and, in the end, washed away with it.

To me, this is more to me, this is more an experience than an EP especially if you listen to it the whole way through which I feel like this was meant for.

There are certainly songs that stand out as singles but all of them are single in their own way because they all deliver a different and memorable style.

You get vast soundscapes and floaty harmonious vocals that bring out an almost theatrical feel at times even.

But again, it's that character that's captured on the record that gets you because this is how you feel that connection with the artist and you know she's speaking from personal experience, so the record has emotional drive behind it.

One of the other things I really enjoyed about this is the sheer fact that each song has a slightly different approach to it, and you see the different sides to her as a songwriter and as an artist but also as a person.

I feel like some of these songs were even cathartic for her to get off of her chest or sing about in general because sometimes we all have things we want to talk or sing about but we just don't know how to articulate it for example.

It's artists like Jasmine that sort of teach us in a way.

There's also a little something almost nostalgic about this record as if some of these songs could have served as the soundtrack to certain chapters in our own life and that is something that stands out to me.

Some of these tracks cause memories of your own to just pop into your head it random.

Although this is a pop-oriented EP, it spans out from there and gives you drifting dreamscapes and soulful tonalities that let you sort of swim through it all.

I would definitely strongly suggest listening to this record from start to finish because that is the way it was intended.

It's about a 15-minute EP and I know you have enough time to pop on some headphones or listen to this in the car and believe me, if you love genuine soul-pop music, then this is absolutely for you.

The whole thing has a wonderful backbone to it and an authentic appeal.

Listen to this as soon as you get a chance and remember where you heard it first.

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