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Alexander Joseph's "Guiding Star"

If you are not yet too familiar with the musical stylings of Alexander Joseph, then let us be one of the first to introduce you because he recently released a new single titled Guiding Star which has the impending ability to deliver a certain level of honesty and light within its performance that the song sort of keeps floating around in your thoughts.

The song has a very well-rounded and real side to it and there are particular ways that it's able to tell its story and because of that it becomes very memorable.

You can clearly tell that this is personal and of course, this is where some of the best music comes from.

With Alexander, he sort of just dives right in so that you can take the song in different ways but still connect with it.

It's a unique way of sharing certain inner thoughts and also gives you a little bit more of a sense of who he is as a person which is something I enjoy a lot when I listen to music.

Not everything gives you that sense of person, but this song definitely does.

We're definitely giving this one an 8 out of 10 to say the very least and suggesting you listen to this one with headphones on so you can pick up on everything.

"Guiding Star tells the story of a lost soul in search of direction as they navigate through the complexities and uncertainties of life. For me the song reflects on my journey of faith, whilst also acknowledging that my 'guiding star' has sometimes been a person who's offered support or encouragement along the way. " - Alexander Joseph

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