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A Wild And Edgy New Album From Milk St.

A brand-new album released from Milk St. boasts a unique energy and twist on an acoustic alternative rock soundscape that is set in this incredibly youthful and colorful world and the album as a whole has the ability to take you away to a completely different place for a. In time which is insanely refreshing.

The "V3RMONT" plays out like a concept album of source and the longer you listen to the record the more you realize that you should begin to expect the unexpected because the way that these guys musically and lyrically put themselves out there is outside the box enough for you to be surprised.

These guys have an amazing mix of styles, approaches, and genres and they're able to create an atmosphere that's completely their own in their sound. There's something incredibly nostalgic about it at times but that nostalgia isn't musical, it comes from the Persona that the record actually gives off.

It has a weird way of reminding you of your own youth and you feel a little bit connected to the record because of that.

I also think this comes from the level of honesty that's actually in the lyrics of the record throughout all the wildness.

It's very rare that you hear a record that's packed with this much actual character behind it to the point where you feel like you actually know these guys a little bit better after you're done listening to it.

It also just feels good to be able to escape into this semi-90s underground alternative acoustic rock space and be able to take a swim through this giant body of music because when you're done you have to shake yourself off and snap yourself back into reality again.

I think I just miss those kinds of aspects about records and I'm so happy to have it again.

One of the biggest things that's 100% clear to me is the absolute love for the crap that these guys have and how they're able to create this music with a certain looseness and attitude that lets it be edgy and addictive at the same time.

And even then, there's a certain kind of almost purity to it that draws you in.

For me, listening to the record as a whole, the songs do connect to each other and tell sorts of stories so the whole album is in actuality a concept record. Of course, I can't be sure of that because I didn't write it; however, it certainly feels that way and works that way.

This whole project was done with such a wild array of influences that lurk beneath the surface that it's expanded into a sound that you can't even put your finger on when explaining it to someone else.

This, I think, is one of my favorite things about it.

The energy on the record feels like this was recorded live on the floor simply because of how it feels like everyone's feeding off of each other the entire time and all in all, it definitely makes you want to see these guys play live.

Take a deep dive into this record when you get a chance and although there are singles that stand on their own two legs really well, this should certainly be heard as a whole album.

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