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A Welcoming Album Release From Brandon Padier and Black Gold

A brand new release from Brandon Padier and Black Gold brings out a warming and welcoming folk rock soundscape that beckons a lot of classics and a southern undertone that feels genuine and comes along with such a lush character that it's almost impossible to turn away from.

The Kintsugi album has some layers that you can peel back for sure and there are a good handful of songs that stand on their own two feet of singles very well however, having said that, I do really suggest that you listen to this record from beginning to end because in a strange way they sort of interconnect almost like stories or chapters in a book so it might not exactly be a concept record per se, but this is supposed to be soaked in as a whole.

I totally understand that we live in a little bit of a single-based society but I also think that's a bit of a problem honestly.

It feels really good to hear this record because not only does it take you on little musical journeys but you're able to get attached to the songs and their honesty and after a short while they feel like a hug from a loved one you haven't seen in a while or sitting with a really good friend and just talking.

The release definitely boasts a lot of persona and that is a big part of its driving force.

One of my favorite aspects about this whole album is the fact that there are a couple of tracks throughout it that are just these expansive and vast rocks and the energy that's portrayed on almost every track really, feels like a live performance as if these were actually done live on the floor.

Now, I'm sure I'm probably wrong about that live performance aspect but either way that energy is really infectious and it makes you want to see this whole thing live in your face.

I love a record like this because it feels alive and breathing. not only does it have that character but it also has a certain heart to it and you can feel more and more of that the deeper you go into the record.

There are a lot of great sections of just straight jamming and those sections back in that classic undertone with guitar harmonies and lush backing and it all feels like something you've been listening to for years.

And that's the thing. The record feels good to listen to there are songs that are bigger and jam a little more. While may not be the singles of the record, those are the tracks that blow your mind when you listen to them.

There's one track in particular called "Dead Weight" and it's over 9 minutes long but it's so cool to just jam out to this track because it goes through so much great guitar work and arrangements.

And this is part of why the record does have that alive and breathing feel to it. There's nothing held back. There are no big walls built around the record, it's open-ended and it's beautifully done.

The full record is just over 45 minutes and if I were you, I would set aside that time to put on some headphones and just take a swim through this album because it has a lot to offer, especially in the way of personality, songwriting, and just lush soundscape.

This is a release with heart and it goes incredibly well with your morning coffee, trust me.

Check this record out as soon as you get a chance and remember where you heard it first.

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