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A Warming Single From Ethan Hoffman

A new single release from Ethan Hoffman brings out a warm and welcoming feel that brings across a blend of what I would call America and soul with flares of R&B and this beautifully almost live performance vibe that comes along with everything and with those aspects come a beautiful and lush character that you become quickly attached to.

"Making It Up As We Go" gives me these amazingly strange hints of nostalgia here and there and I think it has to do with how the song makes memories of your own pop into your head at random which is a gorgeous attribute and something you don't get often in music.

The performance across the board is absolutely wonderful and everything is poured out with such heart that you have no choice but to pay full attention and when you do you feel like this is a song that could have actually served as the soundtrack to a chapter in your own life at some point in time and that is a connection that music should give you.

This track has a very warm acoustic tonality to it with of course, acoustic guitars alive drum that has this kind of rolling snare Americana approach to it, and more that help the song really build into a sort of atmosphere that you just get wrapped up in.

Listening to this song is kind of an experience more than just a single and it feels really good to listen to.

It's almost like getting a warm hug from a loved one or sitting down with a friend you haven't spoken to in a long time and that vibe and affect that happens to you on the inside is something that you sort of hold on to.

This track gives you all of that and it's in the soundscape of it and the approach, and in the performance of it all as well and most importantly.

The vocals are gorgeous and they're done with a passion and this authenticity that you end up addicted to in a way.

A lot about this song stays with you for hours or even days after it's ended but it's that character and persona that really makes that happen and it comes through is more of a feeling than just a sound that you remember and bounces around in your head.

That's the beauty of a song like this and I think that we need more music like this so that we can feel something and our brains can be triggered to remember certain things or even remember certain feelings.

I love that live performance feel and energy because it's almost like you just sat down for a performance of it after you listen to it and it's such a quick little escape from your surroundings.

It's like you've been picked up and whisked away to a different place for just a moment in time and you forget about your own reality for a minute of where you are at the moment.

This to me is like a gift in music and doesn't happen too often so the track had this kind of rejuvenating factor to it for me.

This was kind of a soul searcher and I think I loved everything about it.

Listening to this song was like running across the shore of a lake in the summertime as a kid and as you run you look around and see your family and friends. You can hear the boats on the lake people jumping in and splashing, and it's like a moment in time that you want to be frozen in.

I love music that makes me feel that way.

This track hit all the sweet spots that I would want it to and more and I'm going to be listening to it for a long time.

You should have listened to it as well and see what it does for you because it's going to do something.

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