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A Vast and Intense Upcoming Album Release from Advent Horizon

An upcoming full album release from Advent Horizon delivers a heavily impactful concept-style record that has such a massive range of vast songwriting that is also incredibly connective and even cinematic at times that once it draws you in you have to stay for the entire thing.

The album is dubbed A Cell to Call Home and it takes you through these different chapters almost like a book and, in saying that I must also mention that like a book, this album is a huge form of escapism and lets you literally step into a completely other fantastical world for a moment of time taking you away from your own reality.

The atmosphere this release creates is beautiful and the instrumentation across the record delivers such emotionally charged performances and surprises around a lot of these corners that you really don't expect to know what's coming next by the time you're halfway through the record.

You get everything from piano to acoustic guitar ballads that are dueted with male and female vocals and all the while the drums are driving these songs giving everything such soft overtones but edgy undertones at the same time.

You also get heavy tracks with great refs and guitar Tom that break into an almost orchestral tonality and the whole thing is able to sort of pick you up and whisk you away which is I think exactly what this album was meant to do.

There are certainly some songs on here that stand on their own two legs of singles, but this was meant to be listened to as a full album for sure.

This is supposed to take you on a musical journey of sorts and again, this is a somewhat fantastical journey in itself, all the while the songs are so lush and vivid that you can picture things in your head like watching a film.

I think the most impressive thing about this entire piece is the wide spectrum and range of songwriting styles that you get and it's almost theatrical in a way because everything is so detailed and conceptualized.

It's been a long time since I've heard an album that not only spans such a beautifully impactful musical range but also sticks together and remains confluent to the point where it is indeed a concept record.

There's also so much attention to detail and the intricacies throughout this record but somehow throughout all of that it never loses that heart or soul that it was built from in the first place.

The stories and the concepts are always right there up in the front but it's the way that they're delivered that really hits you.

This is definitely one for the books and if you're a fan of music that has the ability to take you away or that you can feel something from, then this record is definitely going to be the one for you.

Take a deep dive into this one when it comes out which is scheduled for October 6th.

Until then, you can listen to one of the singles off the album, "Calling It Off" which definitely gives you somewhat of a feel of that orchestral and massive tone that it will definitely deliver.

You can also hear another one called "Rain on Open Water" along with watching the video for "Water" which we delightfully have just below for you.

Enjoy this and remember where you heard it first.

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