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A Unique and genuine Release from effee hawk

An album release from effee hawk delivers a massive soundscape that combines electronic, chiptune, dance-pop, and a flurry of other subgenres that are all blended into this dream and Indie pop soundscape and the whole thing has such a unique and outside-the-box approach that it's incredibly addictive.

The Connect The Tech album is massive and delivers such a robust yet subtle approach and tonality that blends textures incredibly well so that you get this atmosphere that you can fall right into and eventually just get washed away with.

One of the things I love most about this record is the fact that the vocals are delivered almost like instruments themselves, and a lot of times are on the upfront but other times float through the ether of the tracks in harmony and layer this great set of melodies on top of this digital landscape.

Some of these tracks come off angelic while others come off haunting at times and I think that the whole thing leans on a sort of cinematic and almost industrial backbone because the keys, synths, tones, beats, and vocals all have a way of sort of complementing each other but they also delivering a certain emotion with each different song.

This is the type of album where you need to listen to the entire thing to really soak it all in properly because if you just check out one or two songs from this then you're not really getting the full spectrum that the record has to actually offer and that would just be a shame.

This has so many different influences under its belt and each one of those peeks out here and there throughout the record.

As I said earlier, it combines all these subgenres between dream pop, chiptune, industrial, and an alternative pop that breeds a certain kind of edginess but also an honesty in the music as well.

I love hearing a record that brings all these different elements and textures together to create something that you can get wrapped up in.

This record, especially if you listen to it in full, is an amazing escape and has the ability to take you away from the things that are surrounding you at the moment and bring you into a completely different world for that chunk of time.

You can clearly tell that there was a lot of attention to detail that went into this, but you can also tell that there's a certain kind of looseness and this release is one of only a few that I've heard that has been put out with so little walls built around it.

This is something with fewer boundaries than the norm and I think that's part of what makes it so special.

You can feel how personal it is to the artist and at times that has certain effects on you when you listen to it.

You can just picture effee in a room in a certain kind of zone or bubble and that is the happy place for the artist.

This beautiful combination of gracefulness with edginess, character with a sort of harsh and distorted undertone all works so well because it's got a kind of charm to it in a way.

This will work for people who love everything from industrial to dream pop, but also alternative rock and indie rock as well.

There are so many characteristics embedded in the roots of this record but it's all picked up on so easily.

Definitely take a deep dive into this album and again, I say, listen to the whole thing from beginning to end because it's more of an experience than just an album that way.

Remember where you heard it first.

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