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A Thriving And Colorful EP From Nature Loves Courage

An EP release from Nature Loves Courage delivers a vibrant and colorful array of lush soundscapes that orients around pop but also brings rock, funk, ambiance, and plenty more that allow for the project to take on an atmosphere of its own and be able to wrap you up in it.

The II EP is absolutely massive and has a beautiful vastness to it that lets you get washed away with the sound and believe me it feels good to do just that.

This embodies a youthful energy musically and the feeling of an almost live performance as if the players are feeding off of each other's energies the entire time, but with that said, it also takes on a graceful and mature songwriting style while keeping things fresh and a little bit outside the box.

This is really important these days because you want to do something that is a little different, but you also want to keep things catchy, and this project pulls it off without a hitch and also does it with a certain charm that draws you in even more.

A lot of these tracks carry with them a wonderful funk tonality and groove, and all of this is accompanied by these layers of harmonious vocals that come in and add all this color to everything.

This is definitely a little bit of an escape because within the EPS span, you're taken to these other places, and it feels great to be taken to them so much so that you don't really want to leave and come back to reality again.

What does EP does, is make you want to do, is dance because these grooves are definitely hard-hitting, and have the ability to make you start shaking your butt in your seat.

I love the vocal approach on this record because they're so bountiful and have soul but they're also precise and bright so that in combination with the guitars and the drumming and everything else including an incredible bass tone in the entire time, makes this a very satiating record.

By the time you get to the middle of the EP, you get the feeling that you might be in for a surprise or to maybe expect the unexpected which is actually refreshing because you don't get that often.

You do know however that it's going to be really good and really danceable, and I think that's what this is putting forward.

These tracks are taking you to different places that let you escape from your sense of reality for a moment in time and while you're at it you can sing along and get your groove on.

One thing is for sure, this was done by a people who have a true love for their craft and with others who have a true love for theirs as well, and together, they were able to pull this off with a lot of heart and some wonderfully heavy-handed grooves that bounce around in your head for hours after the songs have ended.

Definitely check this out when you get a chance and pop on some headphones when you do it because it's the best way to listen.

Remember where you heard it first.

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