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A Strength In Skateboards Single Featuring BFG and Caust Draven Dust Dropped

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

A fresh release from Strength Skateboards brings out an old-school hip-hop vibe with classic beats packed with jazz undertones and a chill backbone while the flows are right in your face.

"Hallways" has something about it that feels like a full band body of work and that's probably because they got BFG and Caust Craven to create something that pushes boundaries a little bit but still has that nostalgic and familiar feel.

Everything about this track has a certain energy and flow to it that makes it all its own and the elements blend together so seamlessly that it all creates an atmosphere.

There are guitars that come through lush and laid back, jazz-style percussion and beats, and this really subtle but slightly edgy tone vocally.

All these components really have an amazing way of complimenting each other and all of this really makes you want to see these guys perform live in front of you.

It's that energy that feels like it was recorded live on the floor because it's almost like all the players and vocalists are feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

As a whole, it all feels freeing and classic in a way.

You feel like this is a style of music that you've been missing for years and it's so good to hear it again.

A combination of instrumentation and old-school approaches that, put together, make something unique and refreshing.

You can hear certain influences bleeding through and there is a heavy love for the craft coming from all musicians involved.

A cinematic and slightly gritty soundscape that still has this polish on it and it's all so hard not to get into.

This track has that deep groove, and you start bobbing your head right from the get-go.

That mid to late 90's underground hip-hop vibe is strong here and it just has a way of grabbing you and keeping you right where it needs to.

Lyrical phrasing and choruses are all perfected but performed with this looseness or really, relaxed delivery. This all adds to that vibe and approach.

Everything about this single is aesthetically pleasing and if you're a fan of classic hip-hop and chill-style music, then this track is for you for sure.

If you grew up in a certain time period (90's early 2000s) then this will hit a sweet spot for you as it did for me.

This is one for the playlists for sure. Incredibly enjoyable and easy to get into from start to finish and there's no question this has some heart to it.

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