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A Pop Rock Banger From King Of Cups

A new single release from King of Cups comes in swinging with a classic pop-punk undertone that feels authentic and drives the song with hints of nostalgia and lots of this wonderful honesty that you soon become quickly attached to along with perfectly balanced hooks and choruses that bounce around in your head for hours after the song has ended.

"Back to You" is something of a love song and it actually feels good to listen to this because if you've lost sight of even a little bit of the one you love because life just gets in the way, a song like this will help you remember and that's really important.

These guys have an outstanding blend of pop-rock and punk soundscapes and they do it in their own way but still manage to pull off something that sounds like you've been listening to it on the radio since the mid-2000s.

The track is lush and even the guitar tones are perfect for the aesthetic of what these guys are going for on this track.

You can definitely tell there was a lot of attention to detail when making the song, but it never loses this heart or soul that was what sparked it in the first place.

The meaning of the song is always evident, and the band does it with an almost graceful approach and I think that has a lot to do with the way they articulate things lyrically but also that outstanding tightness on the recording itself.

It's got this power behind it and it's one of those songs that you could definitely rock out to but you're more likely to find yourself singing the words the second time around.

This single is colorful and captures an energy that helps define the band's staple sound which is not super easy to accomplish on a recording.

The song definitely makes you want to see these guys perform live in your face because of that exact energy that you're hearing.

There's also this little hint of cinematic backbone that is sort of always there like you can hear the song in the scene of a romantic comedy for example.

Now, don't get me wrong, the song has edginess and rocks out damn well, but it definitely has that polish and gleam to it that makes it feel so radio friendly.

Although a song like this isn't exactly timeless per se, this one actually does capture several different decades wrapped into one single which is something you don't always get.

You can hear different influences coming in and out and they've used those to create something that is definitely all their own but reminds you of some of the greats that you heard growing up and I think this is part of where that little bit of nostalgia actually comes from when you hear the song.

This was a killer single and for anyone that loves classic pop-punk or grew up in a certain time period, this one's absolutely for you.

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