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A New Single From Riley Cardoza

A new single release from Riley Cardoza brings out a cinematic and engulfing soundscape that incorporates crisp and warm synths and keys along with a beat that touches on 90's underground alt-pop to create an atmosphere that wraps itself around you and keeps you right where it wants to.

"The Rise of Darkness" is woven with a fantastical undertone and a dark edge that lurks just beneath the surface and keeps to a certain energy throughout its course.

The main riff is very catchy and serves as a melodic hook that stays strong as the track plays through and the textures of synths used for the track have a wonderful way of bouncing off of each other.

There was certainly some attention to detail here and the way it was arranged was quite smart. It has some great builds and smooth flows, but it never loses that sort of mysterious vibe which is one of my favorite aspects.

You can also hear real love for the craft in the song and that bit of heart really pulses through the veins of it all, so it keeps to that energy and vibe without skipping a beat.

The combination of crispness and warmth in the textures of the song also gives it a unique tonality that lets it get edgy but still somewhat colorful in its own right.

By the end you get that hook bouncing around in your head for hours and the only way to really satiate that is to listen to the song again. This is what smart songwriting is all about.

The song also works wonders as a soundtrack of sorts. It does have that feel you'd expect to hear from the soundtrack of a film.

What's more is that his ability to wave together those elements of vintage or classic synth-pop is really well done.

A track like this requires the right balance of those aspects to really make total sense and it works perfectly here.

This was a passion project that became something more and you can hear that with every passing second of this release.

Dive into this one when you can especially if you love genuine and authentic feeling synth-pop styles.

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