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A New Pop Single From Carson Hoy Delivers

A fresh release from Carson Hoy delivers a bright and youthful pop approach that feels current but also blends in hints of retro pop production wise which gives everything a well-rounded and lush feel as vocals harmonize and give the song its own atmosphere.

"Rude Girl" is an honest track and comes through the classic pop finger with soaring since and incredibly catchy choruses that managed to stick in your brain for hours after the song has ended.

This track has all the elements of radio-friendly singles and there's a ton of heart and soul in the delivery from start to finish.

You can clearly tell Carson has I love for his craft and is able to build songs to his liking with a vision in mind.

Maybe as a solo artist, he's able to come as close to that Vision as possible and that's why the songs come out so strong.

This track even has a saxophone solo which indeed pushes the envelope on that retro pop vibe, and it works like a charm.

As a matter of fact, the whole song comes off charming and Carson boasts a ton of character and shines with presents hitting all the pop sweet spots that you can expect from a song like this.

That youthful energy is there the entire time, and the song has a way of wrapping itself around you.

Fans of classic pop will love this one and the artist is able to paint vivid pictures on the track.

I hear such a young artist be inspired by such classic vibes and to hear how it's blended into each other like this is amazing.

Now it does have that current vibe as well and the vintage crossover almost gives everything a futuristic feel as well.

It's quite impressive what an artist can pull off these days on their own, especially with the kind of production tools that they have now but it takes skill and talent to be able to put something together and make it work on this level.

Again, you have to have a vision in order to create something like this and strive to bring that to fruition which is exactly what Carson's done here.

An incredibly well-woven single from a youthful artist that is well worth your time and playlist.

Dive into this one when you can.

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