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A New Instant Classic From Ghost Fetish

A new release from Ghost Fetish is a colorful but edgy single approach that borders on an almost retro pop tonality which makes things somewhat nostalgic and warming in its own right but still has a fresh Indie pop undertone that gives it a bit of a different spin.

"Lipstick" has something almost peaceful about it and maybe that has to do with the flowy background vocal that's used like an instrument creating an atmosphere but even so, the entire song has that almost dreamscape to it that sort of wraps itself around you.

Vocals or deep and most of the particular kind of swagger that makes you think of Nick Cave at the times and the synths and beat of everything tie everything together and give it that almost synth pop feel.

There's also something cinematic about it. Not really theatrical but it has a certain Sheen soundscape to it that makes you feel like it would be perfect for a scene of a film.

The guitars have a great post punk twang to them and that blends a little bit of influences like maybe the cure for example into the mix and also adds to that atmosphere that they built.

All this and creating something that has their own twist and staple to it is really what this group has accomplished with the single and not only is it welcoming but it actually feels good to listen to.

Because of that aesthetic it kind of makes you feel young in a way.

And I love that. Any kind of music that makes you feel something is well worth listening to you no matter what the mood or emotion.

Plus, you can really tell these guys have an absolute love and passion for their craft and that shows with every minute of this track.

There's much about this song that is completely lovable, and their use of synth sounds and textures is spot on for the song so all in all you're easily engulfed.

I think that's part of the point of this. To escape and be engulfed because it feels good.

There should be more music that lets you get washed away with it these days and there's just not enough of it out there so it's really refreshing to hear such a wonderfully woven and lush single from Ghost Fetish.

We definitely hope to hear plenty more from them in the coming months.

If you grow up in the '90s you're going to fall in love with this one right off the bat.

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