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A Near Perfect Album Release From Like What

The latest single from Like What puts out a classic darkwave and industrial tonality that not only hints towards a certain level of nostalgia for the genre but also delivers very delicately descriptive lyrics enough so that you are able to picture the things he's saying in your head at times.

"Time To Let Go" is something of an instant classic when it comes to darkwave especially because it incorporates a near-perfect use of synths that help create a vast soundscape and in turn an atmosphere is built that you're drawn right into.

One of my favorite things about this track is the way that it's sort of driving while also soothing at the same time because it doesn't go over the top, it's very personal, and it keeps to a sort of calm approach.

You can tell that this comes from someone who has a real love for the craft because both vocals and instrumentation are so authentic and genuine that the aesthetic of the whole thing is really nailed.

You get fun little bridges and breakdowns that deliver additional textures synth-wise, and the whole thing comes with a lot of character and persona which I think comes from both the way the vocals are performed and how the song is so honest and straightforward.

This of course also makes it very relatable because it's about a girl and that's the part where it gets a bit descriptive as well so you can start to paint that picture in your head and after that, you get the inner struggle section.

All of these aspects are incredibly relatable to just about anyone and there is definitely that emotional impact thriving within the veins of this track, so it never loses that platform it was built from in the first place.

This track comes from a seven-song album that manages to deliver an array of synthesized grooves and dark-edged tonality that all leave an air of mystery but also tell stories.

The album is dubbed Unpunctuated and if you like the single, you're bound to like every track on this record because everything is very confluent and concise.

Songs go together and connect to the point where at times it made me think this was a concept album which it certainly could be.

There are other tracks throughout the course of the record that stand on their own two feet as singles indeed, but listening to this as a full album is really the way to go because I think that's how it was meant to be soaked in.

If you were a real deal fan of this kind of material, then this will definitely not let you down because it carries with it that classic undertone that was bread from the influences of those coldwave, darkwave, and industrial bands and artists from the late 90s and early 2000s, but it also gives a little bit of a fresh feel as well.

This was a very well-built and constructed record and came through with a lot of life.

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