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A Massive Single From Normundy

A brand-new single release from Normundy brings out a crossing of genres performed with a high octane and edgy energy that blends textures and sounds together to create an atmosphere that hits hard but feels vast at the same time.

This lets the whole project completely shine with sonic presence as the production is outstanding and helps push the song's envelope past the point of walls or barriers.

This is one of my favorite aspects of the song as a whole. Not only does it blend genres seamlessly, but the whole thing has an almost futuristic and fantastical sound to it, and this is part of what helps its excitable and endless energy make the song so powerful and impactful.

This track has a lush feel and undertone and it's because it does boast this ambient tonality, but it also has occasions of bursting into insanely heavy almost thrashing sections done mainly with synthesizers and guitars, and this gives the song such a cool and dark but cinematic feel.

The song boasts an anthemic chorus and it hits enough times to bounce around in your head for hours or even days after the song has ended which to me is smart songwriting simply because the only way to satiate that is to listen to the song again.

However, I think this comes naturally to the songwriters of this project and this song serves as such a great example of youthful energy and maturity and songwriting that puts bands like this on the edge of what's coming next.

The energy portrayed on this track and its entirety is unbelievable and there are a lot of parts of the song that feel like songs you've been listening to on hard rock radio stations for a few years now which just tells me that this is a very radio friendly piece of music, but that energy is really what lets this song set fire to anything it touches.

Listening to this track makes you want to go see this song performed live in your face simply because the energy is so crazy on record that seeing them live must just be face-melting.

That is something I certainly look forward to but in the meantime, this is the kind of song that you can turn nice and loud, and it still sounds awesome. It might sound better the louder you turn it.

I'm not sure the last time I was able to say that, but it feels good to let people know they can pump this track nice and loud.

There are also a lot of human elements to this song that shines through the production and that gives the song a lot of character.

This release boasts a persona and that's something that you get attached to very quickly because not only is it a relatable song, but it's fierce and fiery so you know it came from someplace genuine which makes the song all the more authentic.

This is the kind of song you stand up and sing along with as loud as you possibly can with your fists in the air.

I miss that and I'm very happy to have come across it once again.

This is what I mean when I say anthemic.

The song is almost like an actual anthem for certain people, and it provides so much of a powerful punch that the emotional drive of it certainly comes through.

I would be paying close attention to whatever this band puts out next but for now, check this out and remember where you heard it first.

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