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A Massive and Impactful Album from Bgbgb

An album release from Bgbgb gives off a massive array of lush soundscapes built with vast undertones and character-riddled vocals and raps that deliver different levels of intensity throughout the songs and with this you get a persona that you end up really getting attached to.

The It Should All Work Out in the End album gives off an array of styles from songs that hit harder with a lot more edginess to songs that come through with a more subtle and softer tonality but no matter what you get there's a great honesty to the songs and that's what shines about this record the most.

With each track you're getting a little piece of the artist and that's something that's a rarity so when it comes around it's very refreshing and it also makes this one of those records that you should be listening to the entire way through.

Listening to only one or two tracks off of this album will nowhere near give you the spectrum of what the release has to offer, and this is because the record has so many surprises around its corners and so many unique and outside-the-box approaches to not only lyrical phrasing, rap flows, and vocal styles, but also the way the songs come through musically.

It is completely refreshing to hear an album like this that is built with much fewer boundaries than the norm because I think that that's what the future of all genres of music will end up being like.

The production across the board is outstanding and you have this incredible array of instrumentation that helps this record build an atmosphere that you fall right into.

A lot of the songs have personal and outbound messages that relate to not only the artist but everyone around the world and this is important because there is meaning behind a lot of these songs so in order to pick up the full message again, you have to listen to the whole album.

This is something I adore about this release because I grew up in a time where you bought an album, and you took it home and listened to it whether it was cassette tape, CD, or vinyl record.

This gives you an experience and Bgbgb was able to pull that together with this release which gave me a little bit of nostalgia and really got my attention.

When you listen to this record you are pulled away from your surroundings for a little bit and the album serves as an escape so that you can step out of your own reality and into someone else's for a chunk of time.

When you listen to this album you are soaking in those messages and absorbing them and that's part of what makes this have so much genuine authenticity and personality.

The mix of hip-hop with all these other undertones is incredible and he can pull off vocal styles that are so intense and animated at times that you can't look away from them.

This is another thing I love about the album. These songs have a growth and intensity a lot of the time and this has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

The songwriting, arrangements, and approaches are all incredibly well thought out and there was a lot of attention paid to the details throughout this album, but it never loses that heart, fire, or personality that it begins with in the first place and that's definitely the most important aspect of the entire thing.

This was an impactful hip-hop record that is not like what you're used to hearing and it comes through, as I said earlier, like more of an experience than just an album so be sure you listen to it in full the way it was meant to be listened to.

Massive and full-bodied, intense, and meaningful album release from start to finish.

Dive into this one as soon as you can and remember where you heard it first.

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