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A Lush New Single From Blush Club

A fresh new release from Blush Club brings a lush and full-bodied songwriting approach that borders between a post-punk feel and a character-driven garage rock approach that's all done with intricate but slightly loose guitar work that quickly becomes part of the band's staple feel from the get-go.

"True Terror" has this flowing vibe to it and bears a sort of cinematic undertone as well as the song swims around you and lets you get washed away to a certain point and then comes rushing at you with an excited tonality to snap you right back in place.

The single is outstanding and is built with these layered guitars that mend into each other but also bounce off of each other simultaneously and it all creates an atmosphere that you really just don't want to come back out of.

Guitars bend and sway while drums create these unique time signatures and vocals come grabbing at you.

One of the coolest things about this track is that it almost feels like it's alive on the floor recording because the players seem to be feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

This is an incredibly interesting aspect because it makes you really want to see this band live in your face even just to make sure that energy is there in that setting.

I'm sure it is because it's particularly not easy to create this kind of energy on a recording in general so the way that they do this is with such attention to detail but there's so much passion behind it that it creates a touch of looseness that is graceful.

And I think that's a big part of this song. It has that gracefulness about it in the performance and the delivery that makes it so unique.

It's an amazing balance between an excitable and slightly aggressive undertone and this peaceful calming overtone that still boasts a pop feel beneath the surface.

This truck does have these little bits of dark edges to it, and I think that makes it genuine and authentic as you end up finding yourself paying more attention to the words the second time around.

This is one of those bands that you get a little nostalgic about because there is that feeling when you listen to this track as well.

It's that late 90s underground post-punk and alternative pop soundscape that they nailed so well while they make it their own at the same time.

This was endlessly addictive and incredibly infectious.

I really feel like Blush Club is a band to keep an eye out for in the coming months because hopefully, they release something even newer over the summer.

Here's to hoping.

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