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A Lush And Edgy New Release from Brian Lambert

A fresh new album release from Bryan Lambert delivers an array of character-riddled soundscapes and throughout its course, you get a range of genre-crossing that all have this quirky pop undertone that you quickly become friendly with and want more of.

The Wild album is packed with Rock and electronic sound, and everything comes together in such a particular way that halfway through the record you begin to expect the unexpected although you know it's going to be good.

A lot of the songs on this record have these atmospheric undertones that kind of bring you for little musical journeys here and there while drums pound and guitars rock.

Throughout all of this, you definitely hear a barrage of influences coming through from postponed to classic rock, and everything in between.

You also get chunks of honesty and authenticity throughout the record and that also makes it more addictive and more genuine.

Although the songs have these big, massive soundscapes that hit hard half the time, you do find yourself paying a lot of attention to the lyrical content of the songs and that's where you get that persona.

The vocal delivery is where you get the character, however. The performance locally is vibrant and alive with color and a great balance of edginess mixed in.

The element of creating songs that step slightly outside the box is a big draw for me and this release because it's amazing how anthemic and warm songs can feel and sound throughout this album while still being avant-garde in their own way.

There's also this great sense of cinematic backbone that hits here and there throughout the playthrough of the album and you can hear so many of these songs on rock radio stations easily.

Brian really takes elements of old school and new school along with being able to create with fewer boundaries than his predecessors which is really what makes this record so damn unique.

All that catchiness is really there, and the songs are danceable and fun, but you also have that edginess that coats the songs.

So much wonderful genre crossing and blending is incorporated on this release that you get sort of taken back by almost every new song because it was so different from the last.

You can definitely hear that '80s synth wave and new wave influence as well and it's just great how he puts it all together and makes it sound so confluent.

You can clearly tell that Brian is one of those artists who are in his zone at the studio doing his thing and this whole shebang is packed with heart and color.

One thing is for sure, this album is appropriately titled and fans of almost any kind of pop music should fall right in love with this because there's pretty much something for everyone.

I definitely can't wait to hear what comes next from this artist and I don't say this often, but this is someone to keep an eye on.

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