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A Long Awaited Album From Supah Sayin

We've been patiently waiting for a full album release from Supah Sayin, and it's finally arrived with everything that we had hoped and more attached to it.

This record is everything for the artist and you can definitely feel how much he put into every intricate detail of the recording because there's a lot of attention going on there but no matter how much of that is involved, he never loses that passion in the delivery.

That aspect is incredibly important because these songs are really well built and arranged, however performance is the most important part of songs like these, and he's absolutely nailed them.

You immediately get sucked into the songs not only musically but you're paying attention to the lyrics and getting the vibe of his character and personality throughout it all.

With records like this that's what you want. You want to get a feel for the person behind the record and just know that the songs are coming from real places because that's what makes a big difference in the whole thing.

The record is called Neo-Lizard King and it bears a lot of heart and soul but also some experimental production and shows such a showcasing of musicianship that you can't really turn away from it.

Upon listening to this album, you definitely know that a lot of time was put into building it up and making it happen.

You can just tell when an album was really thought out and hear how it comes off a certain way.

The other cool thing is that the songs almost feel connected like this might be somewhat of a concept album.

Now, whether or not that's correct I'm not sure however, I do know that listening to the album as a whole gives you much more of a full-bodied experience than listening to just a song or two at a time.

This album was meant to be soaked in as a full record and this way you get immersed in not only the soundscapes, but the story is an emotion that helps build them.

Now, to get down to the rapping.

I think the special thing about this artist is that he tells the story from different perspectives but also records in such a way that you can hear everything that he's saying even when the tracks are doubled.

And his vocal tracks are doubled quite often because it just sounds cool.

So, there is this combination of a child-like comic book undertone but also an air of adulthood and maybe that has something to do with how the record came to fruition.

This was extremely well put together and with a massive level of heart flowing through its veins which makes it more than worth listening to.

I'd say, pop some headphones on and get yourself some time to dive into this one because it's something you won't regret.

It's about time we got some hip hop that was outside the box a bit more and Supah Sayin has given us that.

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