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A Killer Pop Rock Soiree From PLVNET

The latest EP release from PLVNET brings out a vibrant and edgy pop-rock and alternative soundscape that has amazing energy and a sense of feeling alive and breathing as the songs hint at an almost theatrical undertone at times.

The SYZYGY EP is riddled with character, and songs come through with a fire behind them which comes from the heart that they're performed with from all members of this project.

This record has as much edge as it does color and I think that although there are singles that stand on their own two feet very well, this is an EP that's meant to be soaked in as a whole.

At times it even feels like it's a concept record.

Of course, I could be wrong about that, I didn't record it, however, the songs have a strange way of interconnecting with each other and there is this wonderful sonic presence that this band delivers throughout its course that draws you in and wraps you up.

One of the things I first noticed about this record is the drumming and how outstanding it is because there's such a tightness to it in terms of precision, but it also has a natural flow, and this helps really drive the songs to have a certain sound.

The guitar tones are spot on and along with the vocals and bass tone, everything creates this dynamic balance that keeps the songs in a perfect middle ground between that indie rock and alternative rock feel.

One thing is for sure, this was created by a group of musicians that have a pure love for their craft and what they do because there's a lot of heart on this record and that's one of the first things that you really notice.

At times you get little hints of vastness, and they give you bits of desert rock and this bopping rhythm that makes certain tracks really danceable while they still have that edginess to them.

The vocals here are stellar and really let the songs thrive because each track on this record has a certain kind of persona attached to it and the vocals are what delivers that persona so well.

I feel like this is one of those bands where if one person wasn't there it wouldn't work the way it does now.

You need everyone in this band to be on point to come through with the sound that pulls off and it all has this particular sort of charm to it as well.

This was a great escape, and it has this massive sonic undertone to everything.

By the time you get to a certain point of the EP, you get a great feel for the staple sound of these guys and they're also one of those bands where if you heard them somewhere, you would recognize them in a heartbeat.

These are the kinds of things that are more of a rarity these days so to hear it was very refreshing.

This was a killer EP that speaks volumes for the band and their presence, and I would suggest keeping an eye out for them to see what they come out with next especially if you're into alternative rock, cinematic rock, indie rock, hell any kind of rock.

This record hits more than a few sweet spots with me and I would suggest throwing on this full ep so you can soak it in properly.

Remember where you heard it first.

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