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A Killer New Release From 21 Bricks

A killer new album release from 21 Bricks hits a soiree of heavy and industrial undertones along with alternative rock and is absolutely packed to the brim with character and a wickedly fuzz-toned approach that gives the band their own atmosphere and persona.

The Everything Was Forever album reaches into a determined and thrashing soundscape that at times comes through even anthemic but lurking just beneath the surface is this massive level of heart that is portrayed in its own manner.

The overall textures of this record are hard-edged and have a certain haunt to them in a way which is something that gives them this outside-the-box approach and it works like a charm.

One of my favorite things about this record, in particular, is the energy that's given throughout the songs because it feels like some of these were even recorded live on the floor.

It feels like the players were feeding off of each other's energies the entire time and even if these weren't recorded live on the floor, it really makes you want to see them live because if that energy is this good on the recording, then seeing them live must be a real face melter.

And this is certainly a band that you want to melt your face because that loose and fiery attitude sticks like glue throughout the record's playthrough.

The guitar and bass tones throughout the release are just thrashing and intense along with vocals that are half distorted just enough to add that edginess that the songs need to push the envelope.

I really love this style because it's so alive and breathing. It's so, right up in your face that there's no looking the other direction.

These guys truly do deliver a certain intensity but also intertwine old school approaches and with their fresh tonalities and styles.

You can hear classic alternative rock and even metal influences at times but I think what makes this special is that character that I was talking about earlier.

This record takes you away to a different place and when you're listening to it there's just no paying attention to anything else.

It has a very particular way of grabbing your attention and wrapping itself around you to keep you right where it wants to. And it feels awesome.

This record was like a sucker punch to the gut and they're surprises around a lot of the corners of the release, along with layers that you can peel back in terms of lyrical content even.

It's just great to hear a record that has a lot more going on than what's just on the surface especially when the surface is like a blitzkrieg hitting you when you least expect it.

When I was done with the album I felt incredibly satiated although there were sections that stuck with me bouncing around in my head for hours after it had ended.

This to me, is just pure good old solid songwriting but done in a unique and different way.

Don't get me wrong, these guys aren't reinventing the wheel by any means, but what they are doing is something fresh and slightly innovative with their own personal twist which makes it addictive.

21 Bricks is one of those bands that you know who it is when you hear them.

This record was a damn good time and there are so many great sections in it, especially guitar-wise that really have a way of rumbling the ground beneath your feet.

There are also outside instrumental elements that take place in some of the songs that give them added effect that feels almost cinematic at times.

This record was brutal in its own way and also graceful in its own way, as crazy as that sounds, if you really listen there is a real love for the craft that this band has, and they display it proudly.

A kick-ass record from 21 Bricks.





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