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A Haunting Single From As Ghosts

The latest single release from As Ghosts delivers a vast alternative rock soundscape and with it comes a story that, if you pay attention is quite a haunting one and does wonders for the song itself as you're able to picture some of these descriptive lyrics in your head and through it all you have this driving and heavy rock approach that fits together with everything perfectly.

"Bodybag" is a track that makes you think and as it does you're also able to get a great feel for this band's incredible energy that they capture on record because it's got such a massive amount of character and persona that it makes you want to go see them live simply because if that kind of energy is captured on a recording, then in a live setting it must be awesome.

What really gets me about this song is that haunt and the story behind it along with how it's performed vocally because the feel of a powerful alternative rock sound with these intense and almost soulful vocals is a beautiful combination and makes the song heavy but graceful at the same time.

The track is actually quite beautiful and everything is done with a well-balanced tastefulness that enables the song to wrap itself around you and keep you right where it wants to.

You get a great sort of pop-punk undertone that peeks through at times especially in that guitar work and the drumming is just slamming the entire time giving the song that hint of aggression that it needs to come through as it was meant to.

This band nails the aesthetic on the head and gives us something that has layers which is really cool because you don't always get that, especially in this genre so to have a song that rocks out so well but also has these additional layers to it is really refreshing.

This track is definitely a powerful one and it really showcases how the band is able to pull in their influences from different places and create an atmosphere that you end up falling into.

I love that element of escape that this track gives you because that's also something that I miss quite often in all kinds of genres of music.

Being able to step into this story or someone else's world for a little bit and be pulled away from your own reality is something that music should do.

It's really great to hear a track like this that's catchy, edgy, and has a passion behind it with lyrics that also suck you in and enable you to paint pictures in your head.

This is a band to keep an eye out for and hopefully, we get more tracks like this from them.

This is definitely for anyone who's into really good alternative rock that has that slight gothic undertone and haunting edge to it.

The song certainly has that darkness about it and I think that's part of what sticks with you after the song is ended.

Almost like watching a good movie.

Definitely check this one out when you get a chance because it's well worth your time and while you're at it, check out their previous release "Angels" also dropped this year.

Remember where you heard it first.

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