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A Hard-Hitting Alternative Pop Banger from Embers of Silence

A perfectly gritty new single release from Embers of Silence gives off a grungy and fuzz tone alternative pop and rock soundscape that hits all the sweet spots that you could possibly ask for from a genre-bending and danceable piece like this one and it all comes along with a massive character that you seem to just never want to let go of.

"Attaboi" brings a lot of different elements together to create an atmosphere that you end up just falling for straight away and it's got this sort of swagger to it that gives it an overall sort of late 90s and early 2000s alternative pop vibe.

This track gives me all kinds of fun waves of nostalgia because it literally sounds and feels like one of those bands that you would read about in a magazine back in the day and then you would go try and find their song and download it off of LimeWire. 

Of course, a lot of you probably don't even remember what that is but back in the day before there was Spotify or any of that stuff we used things like Napster and LimeWire to download songs illegally.

It was loads of fun.

This track captures the aesthetic of that whole time period and the blend of colorful edginess that came with it when it comes to alternative pop music.

The song is unbelievably fun and the energy is damn near perfect throughout the entire track which never lets up for even a second and the whole thing hits like whiplash.

The great thing about this is that it takes that massive pop feel and it gives it that edge and even in doing so it never loses the fun that it's supposed to have.

These guys certainly know how to write a fun pop banger with a garage-style tonality and this gives it a unique approach and opens it up for more people to love.

The song feels like a mix between Kasabian and Blur but also brings in layers of different elements to the table that break down boundaries a little bit further so there are fewer walls than what you're used to.

Upon listening to this track I took it upon myself to take a little bit of a deep dive into the back catalog of Embers of Silence and I'm glad that I did because there's so much awesome music to go through and to me, it's fun to kind of follow the evolution of a band sound when you find a band that you really like.

These guys are a perfect example of that because you can hear how different they sound from their earlier releases starting in 2009.

"Attaboi" speaks volumes for these guys and how they're able to transform their sound and keep pushing the envelope ever so slightly so that you can really hear that these guys love what they do.

This was a catchy, gritty, fun, colorful, excitable, and addictive single that absolutely makes me want to pay more attention to the band from here on out.

But don't take it for me, have a listen to this track as soon as you can and then take a little bit of a swim through the earlier releases as well.

And when you do, remember where you heard it first.

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