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A Gracefully Performed Single from Anacy

A new single from Anacy has a wondrous way of delivering a certain breed of honesty that comes wrapped in this vast and beautiful atmosphere that's created with lush synth pads and spacious tones and it all comes through with such a robust character that grows in intensity along with the song itself.

"Delight" comes across with such an almost cinematic soundscape and the song has a unique way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to because as you listen to the song you go deeper into the story, and you start to get an understanding of what it's all about along with a piece of the artist herself and her personality.

This is incredibly important because the song talks about being seduced by the devil to an extent and how she didn't mean to make angels cry by dancing with him.

This of course is a dramatized sort of explanation and exploration of the natural human desire how things that may be forbidden or unaccepted are still wanted.

The song involves fantasy, honesty, and a bit of a battle within oneself.

The whole thing is so understandable it's delivered with such a deepening description but still hints at metaphors left and right so it's such a beautiful combination of that straightforwardness, and that bigger more emotional drive that sits behind the construct and idealism that the song stands for.

The performance across this piece of music is gorgeous and her vocals are absolutely angelic and graceful the entire time she does give off this passionate and sort of smooth, silky tonality.

The way her vocals add this gorgeous layer of not only texture but melody to the song brings the whole thing together and serves as the glue of the track itself while musically, it expands and becomes something more immersive the longer you listen.

As the song plays on little hints of edginess to start showing up and that again in my opinion, is attributed to some of the aggression in the songs undertone because of the struggle to balance desire and what's right.

Now, this is a struggle and a lot of us deal with it or have dealt with it at one time or another so the way that Anacy can articulate those kinds of situations, struggles, and aspects into words and music is unbelievable.

You ultimately end up floating right alongside this track and eventually just getting washed away with it, but it feels amazing to do just that.

There's also this almost orchestrated backbone that the song works with as well and the arrangement, although flowing and forward moving, expansive and vast, has structure and follows that orchestrated feel so the whole thing has a lot of different elements that end up coming together to create something that lets you escape into it.

For that chunk of time, you are pulled away from your surroundings. When the song is over you have to reacclimate yourself back to reality again.

I find this to be a gift in music.

A beautiful song from start to finish, put on some headphones and watch as this song swims around in the air that surrounds you.

The song was intense in all the places that needed to be, brought in that edge all the places it needed to, and was bursting with a wonderful approach to the topic of the desire.

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